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    Bride's accessories

    Picture: Vill Sander Collaboration with Gaura Pearls Last time we looked at the bridal party's hairdos, now we get to the bride's accessories. It was my intention to get a bag for the wedding, I wanted a white leather bumbag but I couldn't find one that I really liked. In the end, I realized I didn't need one at all so I ended up going without. I had two pairs of shoes. My main pair was from Christian Louboutin. I wore those at the ceremony and for the first part of the wedding. My second pair was...

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    wedding hairdos

    Collaboration with Villi Vanilja Pictures: Vill Sander Now we're getting to the first part of the bride's look and the bridal party's looks, the hairdos! I wanted to have my hair down, as that's how I usually wear it. I found a picture online and loved it, it had a braid on the top and the rest of the hair down, it was just what I had been looking for, something elegant and different...

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    Groom's attire

    Collaboration with Turo Before we get to the wedding ceremony, let's go over what we're going to be wearing. :) Eerikki already wrote about his tuxedo herewhen we were in a planning stage of things. Originally, neither of us really knew what the options are for groom's outfits for a wedding...

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    The morning of our wedding

    Images: Vill Sander Good wedding morning to everyone! In the previous post I wrote about the day and night before the wedding. On the wedding morning my Maids of Honor and I woke up having stayed the night at the St George hotel. I had slept a bit over five hours so that was pretty good, I had worried that I wouldn't get any sleep at all, after all. I had wanted a room with a view to the Old Church Park...

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    The week of our wedding: Day 4

    So here we are, on the last day before the wedding! Our wedding was on a Friday as we had to postpone our wedding from a Saturday in July due to corona and there weren't any Saturdays left for August. We'd had our rehearsal dinner at Brasserie Kämp the night before and we had continued the night from there so we were pretty tired. On the other hand, knowing that it was the last day before the wedding gave us energy to get everything done and I doubt we would've had so much fun if we hadn't been so tired. The wedding team was coming to our place around noon...

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    The most beautiful wedding venues for budget weddings

    Collaboration with Venuu.fi Once you start planning your wedding, you quickly realize that providing drinks for the event yourself rather than buying them from the venue will save you a lot of money. This is quite common in Finland but isn't possible in all venues. If the venue has alcohol serving rights, the drinks will need to be purchased through them, this was the case with our wedding but we loved the place so much that we were willing to pay for that. I've listed here places that don't require you to purchase drinks through them...

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