Non-alcoholic Beverages: Summer Drinks

The products marked with an asterisk were received free of charge for the tasting.

Now that spring is here I felt like trying some alcohol free summer drinks. Even though wine is awesome, I like to drink non-alcoholic drinks too such as non-alcoholic beers, wines and sparkling wines. I thought I'd make little tastings of these different types of drinks and hopefully you'll find new options to fill your glasses this summer too.
I'll start with "Summer Drinks" which includes ciders (in Finland they normally contain alcohol) and other fruity drinks. Later on I'll make a post about alcohol free wines, sparkling wines and beers as well.

The first tasting I did with Eerikki and we both chose our own favorites. Now let's get to the tasting!

Somersby Apple

S: I used to think that Somersby is really sweet but compared to some other drinks at the tasting, it was one of the dryer ones. It's a great summer drink if you crave for a cider but don't want any alcohol.

E: A classic choice for a sunny summer day. A fresh flavor almost indistinguishable from the hard cider version.

*Vinkku (Lasso Drinks)

S: In my mind, the term "fruit wine" had experienced a great inflation since my teenage years so I was very surprised that a fruit wine could taste this good! It's a light summer wine that would work great when eating outdoors or just enjoying the sun at a terrace. Has a light color and a sophisticated fragrance.

E: A fruity summer wine, a good option for Prosecco for example.

*Sour Rasberry Virvoitusjuoma (Olvi)

S: Bright rasberry pink in color with a bit of vinegar in the scent. Very sweet with a berry flavor. I would see this as an option for sodas.

E: A sweet summer drink. A good option for strawberry ciders and other sweet drinks.

*Brewed Lime Virvoitusjuoma (Olvi)
Eerikki's Favorite

S: A really nice drink, not too sweet and has an interesting flavor with a light scent of cardamom, still not too exotic. Light in color.

E: Perfect if you are looking for a summery cocktail without alcohol. Reminds me of a cocktail that I can't remember the name of. Would also work well as a mixer with vodka.

Kopparberg Light Pear Alcohol Free

E: A sweeter option for a cider than Somersby's Apple. A good choice on a summer day.

S: There's something about this pear flavor that reminds me of Vappu and summer. This is a very sweet cider but one with a lot of ice would be perfect on a hot summer day.

*Crodino (Imported by Beverage Partners Finland)
Sissi's Favorite

S: I was so excited to get to try this and it didn't fail me! It's a great non-alcoholic option for Aperol Spritz and should be served with a lot of ice and a slice of orange. It's a bit sweet like Aperol Spritz is so you might not want to have more than one or two at a time. But you might want to have one or two quite often!

E: If you like Aperol Spritz, you'll like this!

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