Non-alcoholic Beverages: Sparkling Wines

All products at the tasting were received free of charge.

Koska lauantaina on vappu, ajattelin, että nyt on erinomainen aika tehdä maistelu alkoholittomista kuohuviineistä!

As I had so many different sparkling wines for this tasting, I decided to do this in two parts. In this first tasting we'll try the more traditional kind of sparkling wines and in the second one, we'll try the rosès and the flavored sparkling wines. The tasting was done by me and my husband Eerikki and we both picked our favorites. Let's begin!

Kuusenkerkkä (Korpihilla)

S: Surprisingly sweet, but the flavor is still mild and pleasant.

E: Would work as a dessert, a bit sweet. Would love a glass but probably wouldn't drink much more than that due to the sweetness.

Silhouet (Winestate)

S: Has a strong peachy flavor, I keep tasting artificial sweeteners even though I can't find any from the ingredient list. Very low calorie and low sugar.

E: A peachy treat.

Zera (Winestate)

S: Peachy, but less than the one above. Dryish.

E: Mild and tastes like sparkling wine, the flavor is pretty neutral.

Lehtikuohu (KontioMehu)

S: A strong black currant scent and flavor. Quite sweet but I really like it! I don't mind that it's a bit sweet and that it doesn't taste much like a typical sparkling wine.

E: Brings back memories from when I was a kid and was picking berries in the summer, has the same scent and flavor as the summer berries back then.

Barrels and Drums (Winestate)
Sissi's Favorite

S: This resembles sparkling wine the most and isn't too sweet. A very nice alcohol free sparkling wine.

E: I wouldn't be able to tell this is alcohol free if I didn't know, I would just keep happily drinking this wondering why I'm not getting tipsy at all :) Bubbly.

Vilarnau (Uniq Drinks Finland)

S: Fruity with an aftertaste I can't quite name. I can taste some nectarine in the flavor.

E: Bubbly and fruity. A nice summery sparkling wine.

Opia (Winestate)

S: Also peachy. My favorite of the peachy ones as this tastes quite fresh and isn't too sweet.

E: Fruity and not too sweet. A good option for a sparkling wine.

Natureo (Winestate)
Eerikki's Favorite

S: A nice fragrance, peachy, even cidery scent and flavor but still not too sweet.

E: Reminds me of Prosecco. I can taste a bit of a pear, but this still tastes like a sparkling wine. Would be a great alternative for Prosecco.

Ensi viikolla postaus meidän vapun vietosta ja lisää juomamaisteluja on myös luvassa. Voisin esitellä myös parvekkeemme kesäkunnossa, palataan siis pian!

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