Non-alcoholic Beverages: Wines

All products at the tasting were received free of charge.

Yay, now we get to my favorites, wines!

Even though I'm more of a white than red wine person, now that fall is here, it's become one of my favorite things to cuddle up with a blanket and a book on the balcony with a glass of alcohol-free red wine. That's why I figured this was a good time to do a wine tasting to find the best non-alcoholic wines for these fall nights.

Eerikki and I did the tasting together with two red wines, three white wines and a rosé. This time we had some dinner with the beverages, we served some tapas with the wines as we figured they'd go well together. Other than that, we did the tasting as before, we both chose our favorites and both of our comments are listed below.

Natureo Torres Red (Winestate)
Sissi's Favorite

E: Jam-like, a nice red.

S: Somehow I'm liking the reds even more than the whites and this was my favorite of the two, by a small margin. Light but resembles red wine.

Natureo Torres White (Winestate)

E: Good, resembles real wine. Goes well with tapas.

S: This is definitely at its best when it's cold, as it gets warmer it tastes more sweet. A really nice basic white that goes well with food.

Natureo Torres Rosé (Winestate)

E: Also nice, tastes pretty much the same as a regular rose. Would work great in the summer. As the bottle says, goes well with tapas and would probably work with pasta too.

S: A nice rosé, not too sweet and at its best when served with a lot of ice.

Sangre De Toro Red (Winestate)
Eerikki's Favorite

E: Really good, resembles red wine. I could definitely have more of this, nice, round flavor.

S: This red is really good too! Would work well with some food but could also just have a glass when reading a book. The flavor is quite light, but resembles red wine.

Sangre De Toro White (Winestate)

E: My favorite of the whites. Resembles regular white wine a lot. Has a bit of a mineral type of flavor, sort of like Riesling. Could sometimes replace regular wine with this.

S: This has a bit of acidity but it actually works well even though I'm usually not a big fan of Riesling type of wines. Also my favorite of the whites. Great with food or just because.

Zera (Winestate)

E: Reminds me of a kids' sparkling wine, very fruity. A bit sweet.

S: Tastes strongly of peach, so maybe closer to a fruit wine than white wine. Flavor isn't too sweet though not very wine-like either.


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