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As dressing Jordan in cute clothes is one of my favorite activities right now I decided to make a picture post on the subject.

When I was pregnant, I decided to dress our future baby only in white, beige and light gray. Now that it's summer, I've added some peach and mint to the mix (yes, even after those being our wedding colors I still love them!). Eerikki liked my ideas for the colors so that's what we went with.

Having clothes in just few colors is actually really convenient as almost all of them match each other and it's easy to combine them. I've made a few exceptions to the colors and my nephew's old Elmo and dinosaur jumpsuits were just so cute even though not in the right colors. We've also bought some clothes from the Jordan-brand which have some black and red in them (as those are the Chicago Bulls colors).

I love hoods and hats, for myself and the baby, so Jordan is ofter wearing one of the other. It's also convenient as in the winter they keep him warm and in the summer they protect him from the sun. We have tons of bunny and teddy bear clothes, mainly from Metsolaand Livly. I also like clothes from Bjällra of Sweden and Gugguu . All our swaddles, our blanket and sleeping bag are from Aden & Anaiswith Harry Potter or Dumbo themes. I also love the adorable Finnish webshop Pikku Vanilja.

Mom and Baby and Dad and Baby -matching sets are my favorites and those I've bought from Seraphine mainly.
So, here are a few pictures of Jordan's outfits from the last few months.

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