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The future of the blog

When we got engaged in the summer 2019 I started thinking how fun it would be to start writing a wedding blog. I had thought about writing a blog about renovating our condo but now I had an even better reason, it would be nice to have all my experiences from our wedding year saved in a blog where I could read about them years to come. I admit that for a moment I hesitated as I was worried it would take my credibility as an astrophysicist. Luckily, I quickly came to the conclusion that it wouldn't. I think we've already passed that era where doing things some people consider feminine means you're less credible as a scientist, for example. In stead, I realized that this could be another way for me to broaden some people's view on what a physicist is like. Besides, it's not like I'm the first astrophysicist to get married or to be excited about their wedding.

Throughout the year I've been wondering what I should do once the wedding is covered. Pretty soon I came to the conclusion that I want to keep writing as it's been, even surprisingly, fun. So, once the new Wedding blog of the Year has been chosen, I'll turn mine into a lifestyle blog.

Engagement Pictures. Picture: Matilda Saarinen

I'm not done with the wedding topic yet, though. I have at least the following wedding themed posts still coming up: Our wedding: What went wrong, 5 tips for getting a wedding dress made, Outfits for the mother of the bride/groom, Bachelorette party and Weird wedding pictures. I will also write about our honeymoon once there's something to tell and I will probably still visit wedding fairs, once those will be organized again. In addition to all these, I'll occasionally write about other topics as well.

One of my first posts

I've written a lot of posts with ideas and helpful tips for wedding planning, these are my favorites of those:

First Things to Do When You Get Engaged

From our engagement party

The most beautiful wedding venues for budget weddings

Last Name – Change It or Keep It?

Ideas for a beautiful civil ceremony

Something Old, Something New – The Role of Wedding Traditions Today

Picture: Vill Sander

Coronavirus and Weddings 4: When is it safe to have a wedding?

If you want to read about how we met, Our Story tells about our first months and you can read about the proposal here.

So I'll be back soon, with wedding and other posts.


    • Sissi

      Moikka! Astrofyysikko tutkii avaruutta , jos muotoilen yksinkertaisesti 😊 Itse tutkin tietynlaisia mustia aukkoja. Minä päädyin alalle, koska olin kiinnostunut maailmankaikkeuden luonteesta lueskeltuani filosofiaa. Toivottavasti tämä vastasi kysymykseesi, mutta laita vaan kommenttia jos haluat enemmän tietoa 😊✨

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