• Bebe

    One year birthday party

    Greetings from Florida!🤍I'll get back to our trip to America, but first I want to tell you about Jordan's first birthday! We were originally going to celebrate his birthday on the official day, Sunday, but we had been to the spa in Saimaa the previous weekend with about half my family...

  • Bebe

    Baby's sleep and sleep school

    I felt like the previous post was a bit incomplete and I wanted to delve into the topic a bit more, especially to the sleep school part. After Jordan was born, I assumed that sleep schooling was a normal part of raising a baby and would probably be necessary at some point. I didn't question the concept, or wonder if there were alternatives to it. I...

  • Bebe

    Our baby doesn't sleep

    Sorry that I haven't written much lately, but the title might explain why. Our baby has never slept for long stretches, but the situation hasn't really improved over the months and now, when he is 7 months old, we are starting to realize that something really needs to change. Jordan slept between us in the beginning, but pretty soon we realized that we couldn't sleep in the same bed all three of us. In our soft bed me and baby kept rolling over to...

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    Bebe style

    As dressing Jordan in cute clothes is one of my favorite activities right now I decided to make a picture post on the subject. When I was pregnant, I decided to dress our future baby only in white, beige and light gray. Now that it's summer, I've added some peach and mint to the mix

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    Name giving party

    Collaboration with Allas Sea Pool I'm so excited to finally get to tell you about our baby's Name Giving Party. Ok, I don't know if there's a better word for it in English, basically it's like a Christening but not a religious one. Our name party took place on the last Sunday before Christmas. We had chosen the venue and the date months before the baby was born but as he was almost two weeks overdue...

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    Fourth pregnancy trimester

    When I was living in Scotland, I often heard the locals saying "if you don't like the current weather, don't worry, it will change soon", which really was the case in Scotland most of the time. I would like modify that proverb to describe life with a baby: "if you don't like the current phase, don't worry...