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    Details and decorations from our wedding Part 3

    Collaboration Nappitalo, Puine, Jubilee Bride and Maid of Honor- mugs The beautiful golden Bride and MoH mugs are from Katariina. I got ours from the store in Helsinki. Chair Covers My mom sew white covers for the dining chairs which were also used on the ceremony. We got the fabrics from Tallinn and the pretty satin ribbons for the seat covers and the backrest covers are from Nappitalo. If you like small pretty things...

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    The wedding part 1.

    Picture: Vill Sander. Continuing from previous post. We sat down and raised our glasses. My mom said a few words to welcome our guests to the wedding and to welcome Eerikki to our family. She also spoke a few words from Kalevala in respect to my late grandmother to whom it was very dear.

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    wedding ceremony

    Picture: Vill Sander Collaboration with Expomatto Helsingin Venetaksi The story of our wedding, continuing from where we left off with the morning of our wedding post.. We arrived on the island and I went upstairs to wait for the ceremony to start. I had to be there early enough so that the arriving guests wouldn't see me and the bridesmaids needed to get to the pier early to get everything ready for guests. We had gotten water bottle labels made ...

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    The week of our wedding: Day 4

    So here we are, on the last day before the wedding! Our wedding was on a Friday as we had to postpone our wedding from a Saturday in July due to corona and there weren't any Saturdays left for August. We'd had our rehearsal dinner at Brasserie Kämp the night before and we had continued the night from there so we were pretty tired. On the other hand, knowing that it was the last day before the wedding gave us energy to get everything done and I doubt we would've had so much fun if we hadn't been so tired. The wedding team was coming to our place around noon...