• Interior design

    Summer Balcony

    It's finally June and summer! It should be close to 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow in Helsinki so there's a slight chance that I'll finally put my winter coat away and change into summer clothing... My family and friends find it very amusing that I'm still walking around in a down coat when there...

  • Interior design

    Our home before and after renovation: Bedroom

    Out of the two bedrooms at our condo, we chose this one for ourselves due to the view. In size, the two bedrooms are pretty much the same. The room had smokey lavender walls which we painted white. We put a monstera leave wallpaper in one corner and in time, the room got a tropical birds -theme...

  • Interior design

    Our home before and after renovation: Entryway

    The walls at the entryway were a grayish blue when we first moved in. We fixed the walls and painted them in turquoise shade light blue, the same color as the hallway. We fixed the doors, sanded and painted them, painted the ceiling and sanded and tinted the floor, the same that we did for every room. The little...