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    The Most and Least Useful Baby Paraphernalia

    Olen aina miettinyt, että olisin viihtynyt hyvin partiossa. Veikkaan myös, että pärjäisin siellä hyvin, ainakin, mikäli myös Suomen partiossa ”aina varustautunut” on toimiva ohjenuora. Kun aloin odottaa Jordania, emme tienneet juuri mitään siitä mitä vauvalle pitäisi hankkia. Sänky ja vaunut tietenkin, vaippoja…. ja…

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    Merino wool clothes for the baby

    Collaboration with Dilling It's been a while since the last time I showed you what we've been getting for the baby so I figured now is the perfect timing as winter is coming! We finally have some watery snow raining down in Helsinki (I guess I'm one of the few who love that as well) so...

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    Our Stroller

    Our stroller/baby carriage has finally arrived! I ordered them in April... and they arrived now. So, I recommend the dutch webstore Babymax if you're looking to get an expensive stroller for a better price and are like me and plan and order things months in advance. Of course, four months is not their typical shipping time, they were missing a part that arrived...