Wedding Events

Wedding Events in January

Image: Love Me Do - wedding fair fashion show.

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

In January there were several fun wedding events, here’s a short description of them all.

The first event was the ”Wedding rehearsal” at Klaus K -hotel. It was held in their Rake -ballroom which is a popular wedding venue. They had several place settings on display, and we got to try their wedding food samples and wedding cakes. They also gave a tour to see their honeymoon suites. We got some snacks, there was some wine and sparkling and there were also a few wedding service providers present. I can’t say the event was useful for us as we already have our venue, cake etc. picked out but the event was fun and nice for getting in the wedding mood. 

Beautiful gold plates at Klaus K

The next weekend I attended the Mennään Naimisiin -wedding fair at Wanha Satama. Wanha Satama is a beautiful old building and perfect for a wedding fair. The venue made the fair special but the event was a lot smaller than the Love Me Do -fair, also held in Helsinki. 

Brick walls and a glass ceiling made the venue perfect for a wedding fair. Dress: Morsiusliike Josefiina

Morsiusliike Josefiina The week after that my mom and I participated in Villisilkki's Bridal night -event. We got some yummy veggie fingerfood and sparkling wine and heard about the process of getting your wedding dress made by a professional and got to hear about the fabric and lace selection at Villisilkki. They also taught us how to make corsages out of lace and silk. I haven’t really used a needle and thread for like 20 years so it was relatively difficult at first but it was also surprisingly fun. In fact, we had so much fun, I think we were the last ones there 😀

Our masterpieces made from Villisilkki’s lace and silk

The final event I participated in Janury was the Love Me Do -fair including the wedding blogger meet-up. As my blog was voted in the top 15 at the Wedding Blog of the Year competition I was given free entrance to the fair and invited to the wedding blogger meeting. The meet-up consisted of a brunch held for just us bloggers and front row seats to all of the shows. We also got a bunch of free items from cosmetics to wedding decor. They announced the winner of the wedding blog competition there, which ended up being this blog

Like I mentioned about the Love Me Do -fairin the fall, I really liked that the models in the fashion shows were of all sizes, ages and looks. The theme was a tropical paradise, I loved it! There were several suits for men too, but I really hope that next time men will have their own show with an even wider variety of outfits. 

Dress: Eddy KVictoria & Vincent

In case you’re dreaming about wearing a pink cockatoo on your head at your wedding, I hope it’ll be a toy one 😀 It’s not totally unheard of though, Carrie too had a bird on hear head at her wedding in the Sex and the City movie..

…he couldn’t make the effort and get out of the car.    I made the effort.    I put a bird on my head.  

– Sex and the City movie

My favorite place setting also had a tropical theme
Wedding hairdo finalists

Eerikki has been working a lot in the last few months so whenever we have time, we try to do something nice together. Today we took a walk at Kaivopuisto and had some brunch at Cafe Ursula. Highly recommend their brunch, by the way.

Next week we have a wedding planning meeting at our venue. Since the year changed it feels like almost everything wedding related has gone from ”someday” to ”asap”. So far there’s no big hurry or stress, but things are moving forward so I have a lot to tell you next time 🙂

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