Honeymoon Part 1

Here we are, back in Finland! I took a break from blogging while away but I hope you were following our trip from my instagram stories.

Our trip started on the morning of the New Year's Eve. Neither one of us could get any sleep on the night before our flight and so without any sleep but very excited, around 5am we stepped in to a cab and headed off to the airport to catch our 7.35 am flight.

We had gotten tested for corona before leaving to make sure we don't go there and infect someone or get sick ourselves while there.

Amex offers a breakfast when flying out from Helsinki and we also had time to have a little champagne before it was time to board the plane.

The flight was on time and so as the sun rose, off we were, flying to Paris.

There wasn't much open at the Paris airport so we decided to spend our three hour layover at the lounge, luckily one of them was open. The lovely staff at the lounge noticed our Honey Moonin' sweaters and wanted to offer us free entrance for our honeymoon. I just love when people acknowledge someone's special occasion (seriously, I get like almost weirdly happy :D) so this little gesture made me incredibly happy.

Then it was time to board our flight to Punta Cana. We arrived at the DR around 5pm and our ride was there waiting for us. The trip to the resort was about 40 minutes, so not too bad. I remember when we stepped inside the hotel lobby and we were handed glasses of sparkling wine and we were just ecstatic - we made it, we're on our honeymoon!

As I mentioned, we hadn't slept at all the night before our flight and I had slept maybe a half an hour on the plane so I can tell you that we were not the freshest couple at Punta Cana :D The pictures of us from that night are not very... um flattering, so below is a picture of our NYE look taken on another night. On NYE Eerikki wore a bowtie though and we wore these very classy headpieces we got from the party :D

How we think we looked like on NYE

So we quickly changed in our room and then headed downstairs to see what was going on for NYE. We started talking with this couple from Texas and ended up never making it to dinner as we hung out with them and a couple of other americans as well.

In the hotel theater we watched the countdown to midnight and then went outside to see the fireworks.

How we actually looked on NYE... and this is the best picture from that night :D

Eerikki was so exhausted that he was ready for bed after the fireworks. I walked him to the room with some midnight snacks and then went to check out the party on my own. I decided it wasn't fun without him though, so headed to bed too :).

Come back tomorrow to read about our honeymoon hotel!

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