Honeymoon resort

We just got back from a month long honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It wasn't an easy choice to make to go on a honeymoon in the current situation with coronavirus but in the end we decided to have our honeymoon now. We minimized the risks by going to corona tests before and after the trip but we knew there would still be risks. Luckily all went well and I hope you enjoy the pics :)

We stayed at Excellence El Carmenwhich is a five star adults only all inclusive resort. All the food and drinks were included as well as all the activites, except for some special activities such as scuba diving and trips outside the resort.

The resort had several pools, jacuzzis, restaurants and bars as well as a spa. There was also areas for nighttime entertainment and beach volleyball and tennis courts. I pulled a muscle from on my left arm while serving at volleyball so I never got around to try out the tennis court. Yes, my left arm has sacrificed a lot for this wedding :D

Here you can see the main pool, one of the restaurants on top of it, the rooftop bar and a little bit of the pool bar too.
The beach

When we walked around trying to get acquainted with the area, we found many beautiful places like the one below and also found a pretty pond with flamingos.

Inside there were more bars and restaurants, such as the Martini Bar shown below and the adorable indian restaurant Basmati. The Piano Bar was unfortunately closed but at the sports bar we got to watch football and play pool :).

Martini Bar
The main lobby stairs had xmas decorations on them when we first arrived.
Aroma coffee shop

The lovely little Aroma coffee shop had an amazing ice cream bar and beautiful looking desserts, not that I had any since I'm not big on sweet stuff, but they looked pretty!

The best restaurants were Basmati, Oregano (italian), Flavor Market (spanish) and the teppanyaki served at the Spice restaurant. The Teppanyaki show, however, felt like it was designed for five year olds so we had to have quite a lot of wine to get down to that level. Ok, in our case, not that much wine :P.

Outside there was a stage where there was a band or some other performance each night before the main show at the theater. The main shows were usually really great! The second picture below is of Madonna from the Pop Show.

The hotel beach on the background

I don't know if this arch was meant for weddings but it would be a great spot for the ceremony if you don't want to get married right on the beach. While there, we saw a few small wedding parties and the spa had a beautiful ready room for brides.

The spa was beautiful and had a view of the mountains. We visited the spa twice, on both times we had the Hydro Therapy treatment and the second time we had a massage as well. Don't miss the spa if you visit the hotel.

Our package included a romantic dinner on the beach, the set up can be seen below. So, here are a few(?) pictures of our hotel, if you're considering having your own honeymoon there, you'll find more info on their website or you can send a question in the comments section and I will try to help. I'll try to set up a Youtube channel soon, so I'll put some videos there too. I'll also make a post of our room soon.

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