Honeymoon Suite

First of all I have some exciting news! The blog's YouTube channel Minttupersikoita ja Proseccoa is now open, the first video is of our honeymoon suite, go check it out! :)

It's been really great to be writing again after taking a break from it on my honeymoon! I wrote earlierthat I'm going to turn the blog to a lifestyle blog, so soon you'll find it under Lifestyle section on different blog lists and I'll be writing more about other topics than weddings. There's still some more wedding stuff coming up too, such as What Didn't Go as Planned at our Wedding and a post about guest gifts. But now it's time to get to the point!

Our room consisted of a bathroom, bedroom, living room, a balcony and a rooftop terrace. From the living room you could enter the bathtub that was behind a curtain.

The bathroom was open to the rest of the room which I thought was a really cool layout.

We got cute towel and flower arrangements on our bed and sometimes bathroom each night.

The bedroom also had a small makeup table, something I've always wanted to have! Maybe at our next home...

There was a TV on the living room and bedroom and the living room also had a couch, chairs, minbar and larger bottles. All drinks and minibar were included and we got Petit Fours delivered in the room each day.

The view from the bathtub was beautiful and we used the tub a lot. Below you can see what it looked like at nighttime and during the day.

The balcony was on the same level as the rest of the room. The balcony had stairs leading up to the rooftop terrace.

The rooftop terrace had a shower, a few sun beds, couch and a plunge pool.

That's our room! Next week you I'll be writing about A Day with Me in the Caribbean and Ideas for Corona Time Valentine's Day. Go check out my new YouTube channel as a finally got it up and running :D.

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