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Wedding Dress Part 1.

Image: Tuuli Sundman

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

Collaboration with Villisilkki, all pictures taken at Villisilkki

My wedding dress project has begun! As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom will be making my wedding dress. She has been sewing most of her life so I’m sure my dress is in good hands 🙂 I’ve known for a few months what kind of a dress I want so all we need now are the fabrics.

Since I’ve been listening my mom talk about sewing and fabrics all my life (even though she thinks I’m not listening), I knew my mom thinks that the best store for silk and lace is from Villisilkki. However, we did go and check out other fabric stores too, just to see what we would find. In fact, I’m painfully familiar with the fabric store selection in Tallinn now. I don’t mean there was anything wrong with the stores, it’s just that I don’t like shopping and spending a day to walk from one fabric store to the next is not my idea of fun. I was willing to make this sacrifice, however, as it’s my wedding dress we’re talking about and I won’t don’t want to settle for anything less than amazing.

Lace selection at Villisilkki

We found some really cheap fabric in Tallinn to make the chair covers from so it wasn’t a wasted effort. I have to say, though, that carrying that 62 meters of fabric wasn’t great 😀 After visiting all these fabric stores I can now confidently say that Villisilkki really does have the best selection of lace and silk in my opinion as well. So, yes, mom was right, once again 😀

Here’s a short description of what has happened with my dress so far. First I decided what kind of a dress I want and started looking for it from stores. I figured that if I find the perfect one from store I’ll buy it and if it’s nearly perfect, my mom can make some alterations to it. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a single dress close enough to what I want. More on the topic here. So, I took my mom’s offer that she would make the dress. At this point my original plan had changed by just one small detail so I was confident that I wouldn’t change my mind about what kind of a dress I wanted.

How about some colorful silk or 3D flowers
…or beading with pink details?

So, my mom started making a first draft from cotton. She took my measurements and I got to try on the first version. The next version I’ll have to wait for a while as she’s traveling right now. I’ve gone to see fabrics a few times now at Villisilkki but I haven’t bought any yet, I think I’ll make the final decision in March, I want to make sure I’ve had time to think about it.

I hope the dress will be ready in May, for no specific reason other than I can’t wait to see it finished. And of course finishing a major wedding related project is always a relief.

So stay tuned for updates about my wedding dress project throughout the spring. Have a great rest of the week!

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