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Wedding at Kalastajatorppa

Collaboration with Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa

No, we didn't have another wedding, though the first one was so fun, I wouldn't oppose it either :D Instead, we visited Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppato see what they offer for weddings. I posted about our trip on my instagram story throughout the weekend, but here's the whole story.

I didn't even realize that Kalastajatorppa hosts weddings until we had already booked our venue but if I had, I definitely would've gone and checked it out. Now we got the chance to do that, as Eerikki and I went there for a one night mini vacation.

We arrived there last Saturday afternoon and started by dropping off our stuff in our room. We had a beautiful King Deluxe room with a sea view and as we had the romance package there was a bottle of sparkling and a fruit platter waiting for us in the room.

Our gorgeous view

Once we had settled in and admired the beautiful view we went to check out the "Pyöreä Sali" as I thought it looked amazing in the pictures and I wanted to see it for myself, I think it would be great for a wedding!

Screenshot from Kalastajatorppa website, Pyöreä Sali.

Depending on the size and style of the wedding, Kalastajatorppa has a lot of great options such as Merisali, that's suitable for more than 200 guests. For a smaller wedding, the modern Laajalahti Kabinettiis a classy option. Most event spaces have access to the garden and the outdoor spaces are really pretty with a sea view, of course.

Screenshot from Kalastajatorppa website, Laajalahti kabinetti

Next we decided to head off to the gym. After the workout we went for a swim and sauna. The pool area looked great with green pool lights and a sea view. This would be a great place to relax with your MoH on the night before the wedding. It's also really convenient to have a wedding at a hotel if you have guests coming from out of town.

After the workout and sauna, we relaxed in our room with some sparkling and fruit.

Then we decided to take a little walk. Kalastajatorppa is right by the sea and has it's own beach. If I were to get married here, I'd definitely want the wedding ceremony on the hotel's beach!

Picture from our walk

We had booked a table from Ravintola Meritorppa and the food was great and the view was beautiful. This would be a great place for a rehearsal dinner...

After dinner we returned to our room and placed an order for in-room breakfast at 11am. In the morning the breakfast arrived and I have to say, there aren't many things more amazing than breakfast in bed with a gorgeous view from your window.

The breakfast was plentiful and we got everything we could've wanted. We had saved a little sparkling wine for the morning so we could make mimosas :)


Eerikki came accross a short historyof Kalastajatorppa on TV and it was really interesting! The hotel has played it's part during the war when injured soliders were treated there, during olympics and they've hosted several politicians from around the world. I love hearing about the history of different places, especially when it's as interesting as Kalastajatorppa's!

We had such a great time that we spent most of the Sunday there. I went to the gym the next day as well and also swam in the sea. We took another walk, this time in daylight admiring fall colors and cool houses right by the sea.

Then it was time to head back home. We had an amazing mini vacation and I want to give a special thanks to the great staff we had looking after us. I can't remember the last time I got this good service from every person I met. I highly recommend the hotel for weddings, wedding night, mini honeymoon or just for a romantic weekend getaway.

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