The week of our wedding: Day 1

Collaboration with Villi Vanilja

It's started - our wedding week!

I'm going to try to write something about what I've been up to on each day leading up to the wedding. Today I woke up at 8.30 to some wedding dream again. I think all the excitement and maybe some stress too is affecting my sleep as I really would've needed more sleep.

I read my emails and saw that I had received a response to my enquiry about a really cool transportation from the hotel to the pier and they said they can do it. I'll tell you more about it after the wedding but that immediately put me in a really happy mood :)

Eerikki and I headed to the park for picnic - in the loosest use of the word picnic. In this case, it meant ready made sandwiches and ice coffee from the store and sitting at the edge of the park, far from about 500 kids (ok, maybe it was more like 30) who had all been taken to a class trip to the park. As we are being really careful not getting too close to too many people right before the wedding due to corona we were barely even in the park anymore but the sun was shining so it was all good :)

Then I headed to Ruoholahti for sugaring and then my hairdresser Villi Vanilja. I had been late from my appointments both times I had been there so I really wanted to be on time this time. In the end, I ended up being there half an hour early. Mareena did a wonderful job with my hair and I was really happy with the result!

My new hair :)

Then I headed to Nappitalo to get some stuff for the wedding decorations and then rushed to get some salads from Picnic - we absolutely love their salads. I was in a rush as my sister, who's also my MoH, was coming over so that I could dye her hair.

This is so not how bloggers usually present their foods :D

Then it was time to work on decorations. I spent about 40 minutes scrubbing off paint from a mirror with a plastic knife. A wonderful activity - if you're looking for something to do that can give you both a neck cramp and wrist pain.

We worked on wedding stuff until about 11pm and then decided to do something fun for a bit. We headed to a bar next door for a drink and chips and agreed not to talk about the wedding for the rest of the night. It was great :)

My wedding diet: chips and wine :)

Next post coming up tomorrow!

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