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Details and decorations from our wedding Part 2

Collaboration with Decora House

Almost Mrs Napkins

Picture: Vill Sander

I wanted these lovely napkins for the night before the wedding and for the wedding morning. The theme worked perfectly with our wedding as they are green and gold -two of our theme colors and there was a bit of of tropical feel at our wedding too!

Image: Decora House, where you can also purchase them

Chair Covers

Of these I'm particularly proud. That's why I couldn't sell them , but you can find information on how to rent them from the Shoppage. We bought the white fabrics from Tallinn, flowers from Ikea, palm leaves from and the lovely long ivy are from Decora House and can be found here.

Bride & Groom Decorations

Picture: Vill Sander

Golden Bride & Groom decorations are from Decora House and you can purchase them here.

Candy Buffet

Picture: Vill Sander

The candies of the candy buffet were also in the theme colors of our wedding. I bought some golden chocolate-liquorice balls, white chocolate, mint green penguins, yellow marshmallow bananas, peach candies, golden chocolate hearts and white liquorice. The candies are from Urjalan Makeistukku & and Half of the glass jars belong to HSS, half are from Ikea. The ladles you can find on sale on my Shoppage. The gorgeous peach and gold bowls are from Decora House and can be found here.

Picture: Vill Sander

Mrs & Mr Wood Letters

Picture: Vill Sander

These are ubiquitous as weddings decorations right now, but for a reason! They are simple but pretty. They're from Decora House and you can get them here.


We got some lovely rose gold confetti that one of the bestmen shot from the balcony at some point of the night. They were from Decora House and can be found here.

Smoke Bomb

We got a white smoke bomb from Decora House but didn't have enough time to use it. I remembered it at the evening photoshoot but decided not to go looking for it as we were already behind our schedule. I put ours for sale so it could be used in someone else's wedding you can find it from the Shoppage.

Golden Rings

These we also got from Decora House but couldn't use, as our florist got us flowers that were the wrong color and half dead... I'll get back to that at a later post. They were supposed to be at our candy buffet. You can buy the rings here.

Image: Decora House

When I was looking for decorations for our wedding, I spent a lot of time at Decora House's website. I think they have the best selection of wedding and bachelor(ette) party decorations in Finland. The website is also easy to use, you can search for items by theme, for example. Here are some of my favorites for a few themes.

Garden of Love – theme

I love this guestbook! Image: Decora House.
A beautiful Welcome -sign. Image: Decora House

Green-Coral-Wood theme

Wooden Mrs & Mr decorations. Image: Decora House
Silk flower. Image: Decora House

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