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Gifts for our wedding guests and the wedding party

Picture: Vill Sander

I've been saying a long time I'll write this post and now it's finally done!
As I've written before, I don't think guest gifts are that important. If you have a great idea for a gift that you think your guests will like, then go for it, but if it feels like just an extra cost, I really don't think anyone will mind not getting anything. Those who significantly helped with the wedding will appreciate some gesture of appreciation. If you don't want to give physical presents, you can also give an experience or invite them over for dinner, for example.

Gifts for Guests

Having said all that, we actually had all kinds of gifts for our guests, but there was a reason for that. First of all, I wanted to have a blackjack table at the wedding and we made one ourselves. I wanted the Blackjack prizes remind our guests about the wedding and be useful: scented candles and lipbalm.

Now that corona virus is wreaking havoc around the world, it's common to give wedding guests hand sanitizer, ours were watermelon scented.

As I've attended several weddings where the ladies have taken off their heels at some point of the night and danced with bare feet, we wanted to offer some ballerinas in different sizes for our high heeled guests.

You can (barely) see in the picture below the place cards we had for our guests. Some of the guests took theirs with them, as we had hoped, and the rest of them I saved. I figured we can use them when we invite these same guests to some other party.

Picture: Vill Sander

The final present for our guests was seed confetti that we mailed with our Thank you- cards. I know not everyone can or will plant them but I like the idea that no matter where they end up in, they might grow flowers there.

Gifts for the Wedding Party

For the Maids of Honor and for the Bridesmaids I got robes with names and titles and hangers with their names.

Picture: Vill Sander

The MoHs also received golden Maid of Honor - mugs whereas Eerikki gave his best men cufflinks with their initials.

Picture: Vill Sander


For our families we got some prints of our wedding pictures and bottles of Prosecco with our own labels. We haven't been able to give them yet due to corona but I hope we'll be able to do that soon.

Picture: Vill Sander

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