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Picture: Place setting in Made in Haven

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Like I mentioned on my earlier post post we had booked a hotel room at Glo-hoteland made a table reservation at Clarion Sky Roombut other than that, we had no plans. By the way, if you’re still looking for a honeymoon suite, I recommend giving the Glo-hotelin Kluuvi a look, we really liked the place.

A spa-bathroom in our room

I checked in early and worked from there for a few hours until it was time to head out for our date at Clarion at 5pm.

Eerikki couldn’t get off work as early as he had hoped and he arrived an hour late. I know it’s just how it is right now and there’s very little he can do about it so I just thought: hey, I have a view and some sparkling wine, I think I’m gonna be just fine! 😀 I was also extremely happy as while my love for Clarion had had some bumps in the road when we had gotten bad service there, they had compensated it earlier and in addition they had left me a note and some pink marshmallows on the table. It was a small gesture but it made me SO happy! 🙂

It did occur to me that the people in the neighboring tables might be wondering why I’m there all dressed up eating pink marshmallows and drinking sparkling wine all alone, especially with a sign on my table saying ”Happy Valentine’s Day Sissi!”… just Sissi. 😀 On the other hand, the relationship you have with yourself is your longest relationship. You definitely should celebrate it every once in a while, why not exactly like that!

Eerikki made it there after 6pm and so we had some sparkling, admired the view and exchanged gifts. When we started to get hungry we headed off and found a nice italian place. After dinner we headed to the hotel.

No, I didn’t bring my teddybear with me to the hotel (this time) – there was a little lynx there that you could purchase with part of that money going to Korkeasaari Zoo for wildlife protection.

The next day we went to Made in Haven -event. This was a similar event to the Klaus K’s Wedding Rehearsal I wrote about hereWe really enjoyed ourselves, I highly recommend you go next year if you missed it this time. I don’t know what it was that made it so great, perhaps it was just the free champagne. 😀 Seriously though, it was small and intimate and a little different, loved it. The place was relatively small but very pretty. They had some live music, different wedding related companies presenting their services and St George Spa was offering mini treatments. 

Cocktail bar, Made in Haven
Wedding Cakes Say it with a Cake
Wedding Arch, Made in Haven

There was also a fashion show and a raffle. On top of everything else amazing, Eerikki and I both won something from the raffle! I got a gorgeous kasmir-silk shawl from Katri Niskanencollection.

This is completely unrelated to weddings but I just wanted to mention it as it was a total shock to me: more than a billion animals have died in the Australian forest fires. On top of that, there are a lot of animals wounded and homeless. If this is something you want to, and are able to, help with there are a lot foundations you can donate to, we chose the WWF.

On the MinttupersikoitaJaProseccoa instagram you can find pictures of my wedding shoes and fragrance 🙂

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