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Shoe game

*Sisältää mainoslinkin.

As we didn't have time to do the shoe game at our wedding we figured why not do it on the blog! So, we got the questions that were written for us, each answered them separately and then I put them together here. E means Eerikki's response, S is my.

  1. Which one of us is better at cooking?

S: We're equally good :)

E: Equally good, each have their own special recipes.
omat salaiset reseptit, Eerikillä omat klassikot

2. Who makes better cocktails?

S: Neither it seems from the reception we got from our wedding party when we were trying to come up with our signature drinks for the wedding :D

E: Sissi based on the signature drink night
jälkeen ei voi enää muuta sanoa…

3. Which said I love you - first?

S: Eerikki

E: Eerikki

4. Which is more flexible in the relationship?

S: Usually Eerikki but I'm not too far behind!

E: Eerikki

5. Who is late more often?

S: Easy! Me.

E: Sissi but there has been a couple of times in the past five years when it has been Sissi....
ainakin pari kertaa viiden vuoden aikana…

6. Who needs sugaring/waxing more?

S: Definitely Eerikki!

E: No comment

7. Which one of you is better at rapping?

S: Eerikki, though I have one some competitions with Sini Sabotage...

E: Eerikki unless the song is Sissi Sabotage's Levikset

8. Who's fragrance takes over the bedroom?

S: Eerikki's!

E: Eerikki's though Sissi gets more elves and lizards as guests...
vieraita kuten tontut ja liskot

9. Who's louder?

S: Probably me, not that Eerikki is a quiet one either :D

E: Depending on the situation, Eerikki more often, Sissi talks more and is louder if there's a chance to sing

10. Who was in charge of renovating the apartment?

S: I was, though Eerikki helped as much as he could

E: Sissi as we are a modern couple...

11. Who dances waltz better?

S: It would appear that neither of us, like I mentioned on the Wedding post 2

E: Eerikki

12. Who's more creative?

S: I am, though Eerikki definitely has his creative side too :)

E: Sissi, but Eerikki has a little artist in him too
taiteilija sisällä

13. Who's more tolernat?

S: We both think that as long as you don't harm anyone, you can and should be exactly who you are

E: Both are very tolerant

14. Who can drink more?

S: Eerikki, I can't even look at shots...

E: Eerikki

15. Who gets more applauds at Satumaa?

S: Depends on time of the night and song.. I'd say equally big :)

E: Sissi, unfair question..

16. Who wins at Singstar?

S: For this I have data to prove it, me

E: An even more unfair question than the previous one, but on Ultra Bra
Eerikki and Jani!

17. Who wins ice hockey world championship bets?

S: I do!

E: Eerikki, history may speak for itself

18. Who has more patience at driving classes?

S: Neither one of us have lost their patience

E: Teacher- Eerikki

19. Who makes the decisions?

S: We make them together

E: Together, depending on the topic

20. Which one is better at it? 

S: Definitely me :D

E: Also depending on topic, both shoes up :)
ylös 🙂

*Inspiraatiota häihin löytyy vaikkapa Happensiltä.

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