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Thank you Cards

Now that our thank you cards have, apparently, reached all our guests, it's time to show you what they were like.

We ordered the cards from Etsy, the envelopes we already had as when we ordered our wedding invitations we ended up getting several sets of mint green envelopes. We also put in some seed confetti.Seed confetti is flower seeds in heart shaped confetti that we chose in two of our theme colors, light yellow and white.

I loved these particular thank you cards as we were able to put several pictures on them and the color of the text could be changed. We ended up choosing a few parts of the text in coral, otherwise we kept the text black. The flower confetti we placed in small envelopes and the instructions for planting them I made to business card templates as the size was just perfect. We included log in information for our website which had all the pictures from the wedding and where the guests could add their own pictures as well.

We sealed the envelopes with white seal wax and our S&E stamper and for the addresses I ordered white address labels from... Etsy:D.

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