Fun activities for families with babies

Now, that it's fall and Eerikki's parental leave ended, our weekly routines have changed, which I have been quite excited about. Although I like being home, I also really like to do all kinds of things and can get excited about almost any activity, whether it's for children or adults. Now at 10 months old, Jordan also needs all kinds of activities. Here I present our typical week and I hope that this will give you some inspiration and ideas for your days with a baby.

A few words about our daily schedule. Jordan wakes up at 6 am., sleeps from 9 to 10.45 am. and again from 2.30 pm. to 4 pm. His sleep times are changing right now so they might be a bit different soon. We are usually stay home until his first nap, which he takes in the stroller on the balcony and the other nap he takes in his own bed. We are usually out doing stuff between the naps.

At least once a week we go out for lunch with Eerikki and we often see my mother, sister and nephew, the days vary from week to week.


We found an exercise class at my gym that you can attend with a baby, so we started going there. The timing is great because I'm too tired to go to the gym in the evenings and on the weekends I prefer to do activities with the whole family, so this kind of weekday exercise with the baby is great.

My go to place is the absolutely wonderful Albert's Living room, I highly recommend it. Albert's living room is open for families with children every weekday except Tuesdays, and we go there at least once a week. The place is adorably sympathetic and small enough, it feels like hanging out at a good friend's living room. There are volunteers there and parents can come with their children to hang out. There's normally no organized program, but coffee and tea are served and you can heat your own food. The people are really nice and I usually go get lunch from the small restaurant next door, which I can eat in peace while Jordan studies the other children and plays with the toys they have at the living room.


Our Tuesday program varies each week. One of my friends who lives very close has a baby who is a few months younger than Jordan and my friend is home with her, so we have dates once a week with our babies. We often meet on Tuesdays and we might go for a walk and/or have breakfast, lunch or do something else.

We were about to start a parent-baby latin dance class at the Baila Baila -dance school, but it coincides with Jordan's nap, so we had to skip it this time. I wanted to mention the course even though we didn't go there in the end, because I think the idea is awesome and I hope that the next course will be at a time that suits us.

Playground Seppä hosts a Baby Morning every Tuesday, and we've been there once and we liked it. The baby morning is at the Mikael Agricola church's gym and the last time it included, among other things, a gymnastic track, which was great for Jordan, who loves to move and do tricks. We will definitely go there again in the future.

This week Seppä's Baby Morning was cancelled, so we went to Kamppi Perhekeskus' Neuvolaparkkiinstead which happens every Tuesday and is similar to Albert's Living Room (both are organized by HelsinkiMissio). The place was nice and Jordan had a great time, so we will definitely visit it again.


On Wednesdays we have Femipower class, which is a follow-up course to the spring course we also attended. In the class, the muscles of the pelvic floor are the main focus of exercise. The class is primarily for those who have given birth, but it's suitable for anyone who wants to train their pelvic floor. You can take your baby with you to the class, and I always have Jordan with me and he seems to have a good time, he clears the supply shelves and chases after balls and I get to work out.

One week I was so tired that we skipped the Femipower class and Jordan and I went to Baby Kinoat the Kallio library instead. The place is a really cute little attic room with beanbag chairs and a small kitchen next to it. Every Wednesday there are two movie screenings at 12 and 2.30pm and you can come there with your baby to watch a movie. I think the idea is great and I have tried to propose a similar event here in Punavuori as well.


On Thursdays we have Sirkus Magenta's baby circus class. In this class, we do all kinds of acrobatics with the baby and Jordan has really liked it, although since he's practicing walking so hard, he would probably like even better the group for older children, but it's at his nap time. We'll see what the new nap schedule will be and maybe we can soon switch to the toddler group. Even so, the class is really nice and useful for me too, because I almost break a sweat there, so I also get some exercise!


Friday's program varies a bit just like Tuesday's. If we haven't hung out with my friend and her baby on Tuesday, we'll meet on Friday. Otherwise, my mother takes care of Jordan in the morning and in the afternoon, so I get to work and Eerikki takes care of Jordan later, so I get some work time.

We have also been to Oodi's Leikkipuisto Loruevents a couple of times but Jordan is already too old for the baby activities. The last time he waddled out of the room (in protest?) in the middle of a lullaby and that's when I decided that next time we'll try one of the toddler events...


Saturday is brunch day! I think there should be some sort of brunch every Saturday, but in reality our weekend program varies. Maybe a couple of times a month we go to brunch or we have people over for brunch. Otherwise we might go to a wedding or have a staycation at some hotel in Helsinki or do something else fun.


On Sundays we have a baby swimming class with Pikku Delfiinit . We have skipped so many classes because we've had some other plans or Jordan has been unwell that we also have several make-up classes that we can use on other days. That's why we sometimes go baby swimming with Jordan on weekdays too, which is a fun activity and something we can also do later on in the afternoon.

The weekend program varies a lot, but if we have time and are looking for inspiration on what to do, we might check out the tips for the weekend from Pienten Helsinki Where to go this week -page. I highly recommend following them on Facebook for ideas on what to do with children in Helsinki.

Twice a year we attend Kulttuurin kummilapset events. If your child was born in 2020 or later, you should sign up, we have been to Svenska Teatern's events and liked them a lot (they're suitable for everyone regardless of their mother tongue).

Finally I want to share my tip on how to keep the littlest ones happy when they sit in the stroller for longer than they'd like. I always keep soap bubbles in my diaper bag, if we're stuck somewhere and Jordan gets bored, soap bubbles always help!

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