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As there's much more free time nowadays, we've spent a lot more time cooking ourselves. Now, that we've made all of our favorite dishes already, it was great to order a food delivery from Fast and Green and get to try their recipes!

And so last Tuesday their food box arrived with ingredients and recipes for three meals. The website offered six meal options to choose from, all fish-vegetarian or vegan, which was perfect for us.

The first meal I made on my own on Wednesday morning as I woke up before Eerikki and thought I'd surprise him with a ready made lunch. I made The Three Cabbage Tacos with Tofu and they came out great! The instructions were simple and the meal was ready in less than half an hour.

For Wednesday night dinner we made Coconut Noodles with Wasabi-sesame Salmon... in fancy outfits as a nice dinner would require. I decided to cut off the hood of my old hoodie and it ended up producing stylish outfits for both of us :D. All the meals from Fast and Green were really good but this one became our favorite.

Coconut noodles and wasabi-sesame salmon

The last one of the dishes was a Chickpea Curry with Tikka Masala Fish. All foods had a good amount of protein which was a big plus!

Chickpea Curry and Tikka Masala Fish

We've tried other food boxes before but this became our absolute favorite! The dishes were really good and you got to choose your own favorites from six options. The meals would work well as lunches too, why not try them at a remote lunch meeting! They all had a good amount of protein, even the vegan ones, and one of the meals was big enough to feed two people for the whole day. Loved it!

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