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Here, I already wrote about our beautiful envelopes with calligraphy, now I wanted to write about our invitations as a whole. 

As mentioned before, we had some setbacks with our invitations. Once we finally got everything ready, we were really pleased with the outcome and got a lot of positive feedback. 

We ordered the invitations online from Etsy’s LeighLouiseCreative -store. They were able to get us mint green envelopes too and we were really happy with the end result. First we ordered samples of the invitations as we weren’t sure if we wanted the text in gold or rose gold. They actually looked very similar but the rose gold ones were a bit darker so we went with that to ensure readability. We ordered 57 invitations in Finnish and 3 in English and that cost us about 90 euros, including the samples.

The first purchase we made for the invitations was actually the stamps. I noticed that the post office was offering stamps with your own picture for a discounted price, so I ordered a 100 of those. They cost us about 200 euros. Eerikki was a bit uncomfortable first about putting our picture on the stamps, he said it seems self-centred. I pointed out that it’s our wedding, we kind of are in the center of this 😀 He thought about it for a few days and concluded that since it’s our wedding then it kind of makes sense. 

I wanted to make the invitations short, so we bought the 25 euro package from which allowed us to include English translations on the wedding website. The basic website doesn’t cost anything. So we put our RSVP, dietary requirements and song requests all there, which made keeping track of everyone’s responses a lot easier. The translation is a great add-on in case you have invited guests from different countries.

The seal looks quite peach in the picture, which would work too with our color scheme, but is more of a light gold in reality.

The envelopes we got from the lovely Papershopas the original ones went on an adventureof their own. In the end, I liked these even more than the original ones. The price for the envelopes was 36 euros for 60 pieces, the original ones were included in the price of the invitations.

The seals I made myself by mixing white and gold seal wax on a spoon and melting it with a candle. I bought so many seal waxes and two seal stamps that it’s hard to say what the final price was. Ours were purchased from Etsy. I’d say if you buy just the seal wax you need and one stamper, the price is about 20 euros with shipping.

It took several hours to make the seals and it was a bit nerve wracking as the envelopes were written with beautiful calligraphy Havu ja Helmiso messing one up was not an option. In the end, I think they turned out well and getting them ready and dropping them off at the post office was such a relief 😀

We send warm wishes to everyone during these unusual times. Let’s try to stay healthy and take care of each other :).

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