Hi! I haven't had time to write weekly updates, but here are the most important recent news, about which I will write more in the near future.

First, some super exciting news… we're moving!! I'm really excited, I've been wanting a little change for a long time and now we finally figured out what would be the best living solution for us at this point. The thing is that we're going to have a plumbing repair at the beginning of the year, and we've been thinking about how to handle it. Minimini will be a few months old then and I don't think it's a good idea to start packing and moving when he's about two months old. So, we decided to look for a nice rental apartment and move in right away, that way we have the whole summer to get our new home ready for our growing family. We are putting our own home up for short-term rent and hopefully that will cover the increased living costs. I think we will also put our apartment up for sale, because it's just not big enough for us anymore and it would be nicer for the future residents to get to design the kitchen and bathroom themselves as they'll be redone with the plumbing renovation. If we get a good enough offer, we'll sell, otherwise we'll keep it on rent.

Our new place is over 90 square meters, i.e. a good 30 square meters more than the current one! The apartment has a big balcony, which is important, because Jordan takes his naps there, and I'm sure Minimini will too. Our bedroom has a French balcony. The apartment also has a third bedroom, which we will make into an office/guest room. I think it'll also be needed as a place for us to sleep, because when Jordan sleeps in the children's room, minimini and the night shifter (mostly me as long as I'm nursing at night time) sleep in our bedroom, so Eerikki (or I) can sleep in the guest room. The apartment building also has a swimming pool with swimming shifts for women and men every day. I'm already excited about getting to swim every day if I want to and Jordan gets to go swimming several times a week too. The pool and sauna are reserved just for us for an hour on Friday evenings. The apartment is not quite my style, there are old-fashioned-looking wooden surfaces in the kitchen and wooden doors, but everything has been renovated recently and the appliances are new, high-quality and modern.

The apartment is located in Ullanlinna right next to the sea, we now live in Punavuori, so the area stays pretty much the same. That's important because we don't want to leave the area and also all of Jordan's daily hobbies and other activities are here. We'll be moving by 1st of June, so it won't be long until I get to show off our new home. Just prepare yourself mentally for wooden surfaces, they wouldn't be my first choice, but hey, sometimes it's good to make compromises ☺️.

Another piece of news is that I suddenly got pregnancy nausea again. I was feeling completely exhausted on Thursday and I told Eerikki in the evening that I feel really unwell, though I can't say what exactly is wrong. That night I woke up feeling nauseous and my stomach was upset and eventually I threw up. On Friday-Saturday night I felt ok, and then on Saturday night I started feeling really sick again and I threw up a few times during the evening and night. Sunday I spent in bed, and today I've tried to return to normal routines but I'm still in a pretty bad shape. I was at the doctor's office just last week and my blood pressure was quite low, so that could also play a role. I also haven't eaten much since Thursday since I have almost no appetite so that must have an affect as well. My best guess is that I've strained myself too much and my body needs rest, so I'm trying to rest as much as possible.

I had the first yoga teacher training weekend a week ago and it was really fun and interesting. I'll write about it soon!

May Day, "Vappu", went great. We were at the May Day matinee with my family like every year and Jordan also had a good time, though he threw a shoe at the person sitting in front of us 😄. It was actually pretty funny. Jordan's shoe dropped in a place I couldn't get it from right away and he was feeling sad about it, so I took the other one off too and gave it to him in case he wanted to play with it. Without a warning, he took it and threw it on the head of a man sitting a little distance away. I apologized profusely, of course, but luckily the music was loud at the concert because I laughed about it for the next five minutes. I have to say though, that Jordan has an excellent throwing arm! After the concert the man was still laughing about what happened, so all is good, no one got hurt or felt bad but it was definitely a funny surprise.

After the concert, we went to Theater's terrace for drinks with a friend family and then headed to the brunch place. This time we were having Vappu brunch at Ravintola Saaristo and it was really nice. There were 15-20 of us and the food was really good. We didn't leave brunch until six thirty, so we headed straight home as we were all pretty tired already.

I thought this would be a short post but looks like there was a lot to tell again. I'll write again as soon as I feel better.

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