I figured it was time to write something about how we're doing nowadays and what we've been up to.

Now that all the wedding stuff is behind us it's been kind of nice to just get back to our normal routines, well normal corona era routines! We order all of our groceries with a home delivery nowadays which is super handy but it has removed the only reason to leave the house :D It doesn't exactly help that I feel like I know each walking route by heart by now..

We've started having weekly movie nights on our balcony. On tuesday nights we put a movie on and those of our friends who happen to have nothing better to do, can join us for the movie. There are only 6 seats, but that's corona friendly so it's plenty!

We loved having a proper winter here in Helsinki though I can't complain about the beautiful spring either. I would love to go ice swimming one more time this winter but we'll see if that'll be possible. It mainly depends on if the public saunas will open before it gets too warm.

Peppi was definitely not cooperating with me, she was more interested in eating the decorations than posing with them :D

I really miss exercise classes, I just can't get myself motivated to exercise at home anymore. Luckily now that the weather is warming up, I'll be able to take up jogging again.

Ok, I know there wasn't anything too exciting here but there are some exciting plans on the horizon, I just don't know how they'll come together yet. I hope I can tell you more about them soon!

So in a nutshell, all is well, on the other hand we're happy to be home and chilling together on the other hand, we miss having more activities and people around us. But I'm sure summer is going to be great and it'll be here before we know it!

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