Our Midsummer (Juhannus)

Juhannus greetings from Helsinki!

Back when I lived abroad, Juhannus was never an important holiday for me as even if I was in Finland, I didn't have any close enough friends left here that I would've had any Juhannus plans so I just spent it with my family in the city.

Nowadays we spend our Juhannus with our friends and we usually spend it in the city. Throughout the years new traditions have formed and I'd say my favorite traditions are making an anadem on Juhannus eve and Juhannus sauna in the morning and Juhannus dinner in the evening of Juhannus Day. By the way, it was exciting to realize that next year we'll be making one anadem more, for our little Bébé!

This year there were nine of us spending midsummer together. We had an all white dresscode for Friday and a flower print dresscode for Saturday. We made the anadems at our place on Friday and then headed to the archipelago to have dinner and watch bonfires from a boat. On Saturday we went to Löyly for a morning/noon sauna and a swim in the sea and then had some food and drinks on the Löyly terrace. We had dinner at our place and spent the rest of the night singing and dancing.

Midsummer Eve - Juhannusaatto

MIdsummer Day - Juhannuspäivä

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