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Our home before and after renovation: Balcony

We bought a condo three years ago that was in a need of a total fix up. In fact, Eerikki couldn't understand at all why I wanted to buy the place in the first place. The place looked pretty much the same as it had in the 1960s when it had been built, except for the bathroom that had been renovated quite recently. I told Eerikki that once we fix it up, he's going to love it and it's going to look completely different. I always say that it was a great gesture of love and trust that Eerikki agreed to buy this condo as he really couldn't see what I saw in this place. Luckily, once the apartment started to get some paint on it, Eerikki started to understand why I loved it so much. Our place is 60 square meters in size with two bedrooms and a large balcony.

I found the pictures I took of the place before we renovated it and I thought it would be fun to show you what we did. Of course now, after more than three years, I'd be ready to redo the whole place again :D.

I'll start with our balcony. We didn't need to fix it up, it only needed some furniture.

The balcony is about 4m x2m in size and it has glass windows that can be closed when it's rainy or chilly. We custom ordered a carpet to cover the floor so that it would feel more like a room and less like an outdoors area.

The outdoor movie theater was Eerikki's (awesome) idea and for that we got a projector and a screen. The balcony used to be pink but we had so much peach pink and mint green stuff leftover from the wedding, it's now peach and mint green. From fall til spring we have a heater there so that it doesn't get too cold.

In the summer the screen and the projector are replaced with a grill and a dining table. You'll see the balcony's summer look on my instagram in a few months.

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