Our baby's sex

Our baby's (presumed) sex has been determined! I already told you in a previous post that this time I decided right from the start that we wouldn't have a gender reveal party, so I've told people when I've talked to them and now it's time to tell it here too. So we're going to have…. a boy! ☺️🥰

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll surely remember how I wrote about gender disappointment after we found out the sex of our first child. I had always wanted girls and suddenly we were having a boy. Fortunately, I got over the disappointment pretty quickly by talking about it with different people.

I was sure from early on that this is a boy too. I had all the same symptoms as with Jordan and when we got to the NT ultrasound, I thought the nub looked like a boy's nub. So I had time to get used to the idea that we're not going to have a girl, probably at all, because we are not planning a third pregnancy. I've always wanted to adopt, so of course that's still possible. So how did I react to the news that, most likely, we're not going to have a girl at all?

When I got the confirmation that it really is a boy, for a moment I was sad that I wouldn't have a daughter at all, but it passed really quickly. We checked the sex from a piece of paper we got from the ultrasound while sitting on Havis Amanda and after we did that, we sat there and talked for a while and then went to lunch. When we got to lunch, I noticed that I was starting to get pretty excited. Two little boys, awesome! Eerikki or I haven't got any brothers, and I started to think how cool and exciting this will be. We settled on the name right away at lunch (we had been pretty sure about it for a long time) and it all became more real and since then I've been pretty excited. I would had definitely been happy with a girl, but it's somehow a relief that I'm now just as happy with a boy! Another healthy child would be just amazing, sex really doesn't make any difference. We already have one perfect baby boy and I'm sure the next one will be just as perfect, and I wouldn't want to change a thing about him either 💗.


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