Why You Should Make a Wedding Registry

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

We made a wedding registry at Stockmann last spring, here's why.

Even though most couples, like us, wish for donations to their honeymoon fund rather than presents, there are always a few people that would rather give an actual present. Today, people are more conscientious about their consuming and I wouldn't want things I have no use for either. It can also be a difficult situation for the guests if they don't want to give money but might not know the couple well enough to know what they would like.

So why did we make our wedding registry at Stockmann's? There are several gift registry services online but it was clear for us from the start that we would make ours at Stockmann. There are two reasons for this, one being emotional and one rational.

Emotional: I've always wanted to walk around at Stockmann with the registry device in my hand like you see people doing in the movies :D And it was a fun activity to do together before the wedding! You just walk around and think do we want that, or that... It was also important to actually see, and feel, the stuff together before making a decision.

The rational reason was this: it's possible that some of them who want to buy a present are of an older generation and some of them might not feel as comfortable using online services. At Stockmann, you can just walk in and ask for the list. All you need are the names of the couple and the wedding date. Of course, if you prefer, you can also do it all online with Stockmann as well.

I feel that they've really considered the needs of the guests and the wedding couple with the gift registry service, it really does make things easier. Stockmann delivers the gifts to your wedding venue or home, gift wrapped and at a time and date of your choosing. In addition you can use their parking for free if you've registered through them. It was also nice to get a few beautifully wrapped presents delivered to our home after the wedding!


  • kai


    Hienoa, että teillä oli onnistunut kokemus Stockmannin lahjalistan kanssa. Me käytimme aikoinaan Sokoksen vastaavaa palvelua. Siinä oli silloin niin paljon puutteita, että tein oman lahjalistapalvelun, joka vieläkin pyörii tuolla taustalla. Se lahjalista on hyvin yksinkertainen, mutta sinne on mahdollista lisätä toiveita mistä vain. Nykyisin olen laittanut lapset laittamaan sinne omia syntymäpäivä- tai joululahjatoiveitaan, joita voi sitten jakaa näppärästi edelleen kummeille ja isovanhemille. Ehkä teillekin tulee sille vielä joskus käyttöä samassa tarkoituksessa.. 🙂

    ps. Sinun artikkeliin on eksynyt kaksi ’alt-atribuutti on tyhjä’ riviä.

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