What colors should we celebrate in?


Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

For us one of the first things to decide were the theme colors. I figured that once we know the colors, we can buy wedding stuff throughout the year.

Eerikki suggested as a joke (?) that we use his favorite ice hockey team Kärpät’s colors.. I wasn’t into that idea. 😀 Sure, I might’ve considered my team Jokerit’s old colors purple and green but then again, maybe it’s not mandatory to celebrate our wedding in hockey colors 😀

So now that we had excluded hockey teams what was left… was like a thousand other color combinations. Luckily there’s Pinterest!

I immediately thought of using yellow. I love yellow and I wanted a happy, sunny atmosphere in the wedding and for that yellow would be perfect. I liked different pastel combinations on Pinterest but I was worried they would give the wedding a kids birthday party -look. Finally, after considering A LOT of different options, we landed on six theme colors. It’s a lot, I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use more than four, however, if some of the colors are just a different shade of the original, it should be ok. So we picked daffodil, mint green and peach as the main colors and gold, emerald green and coral for contrast.

So here are our theme colors and some inspiration for the final look.


Our wedding venue has a blue ceiling so I wasn’t sure if we should use blue in the decor as well but doesn’t blue ceiling sort of pass as sky? Also not everyone in the bridal part was enthusiastic about a yellow dress. Some worried that it wouldn’t go with their skin or hair color. In the end, it seems that everyone liked daffodil so that was a relief as I want everyone to feel beautiful on our wedding day.

There’s been so much going back and forth with the theme colors so who knows, maybe we’ll change our minds again but at least for now, I feel content and I think these colors will make a beautiful summer wedding. Besides we have bought a 100 mint green napkins so we kinda have to stick to that at least! 😀

All in all, it was surprisingly difficult to pick the theme colors! Tell me what kind of themes or theme colors you have picked and how you came to the decision.

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