What to give as a morning gift?

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Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

Eerikki is a difficult person when it comes to getting him presents. He never wants anything and claims he doesn’t need anything. I love to give gifts, especially surprise gifts. Luckily Eerikki at least says he has liked the stuff I’ve gotten him so I’m willing to take my chances on choosing his morning gift as well. In case ”morning gift” isn’t a familiar concept to you, you can read about the tradition here. Nowadays it’s a gift that a bride and groom give each other on the morning after the wedding.

I think I know what to get Eerikki as a morning gift but it wasn’t easy to make the decision. It’s easy to think of things I think he needs rather than things he actually wants. On the other hand, I want it to be something he’ll have forever and that would remind him of our wedding day. Of course, experiences can do that too. I’m not gonna say anything about his present here as he’s very snoopy about his presents and I’m sure he is going to be reading this post thoroughly in search for clues 😀

I wanted to list some things that I have considered and that I’ve heard other people consider as morning gifts for their spouse. Of course there’s no obligation in getting one, after all the whole post behind it is completely outdated. If you want to get a morning gift, however, here are some ideas for it. 

  • A nice watch with an engraving. I bought Eerikki one some years ago on our anniversary and I don’t wear watches but I think for some other couple it’s a very good idea. After all, a watch may be one of the few accessories you wear nearly daily.
  • Cufflinks or a tie clip. Most people don’t wear these daily but that means they aren’t likely to lose them either 😀
For the person into rock or metal, Alexander Mcqueen’s cufflinks. Source:
If traditional is more your style Source: mrporter 
  • Necklace or a bracelet. Aren’t as easy to lose as earrings. Eerikki says I’m unqualified to possess nice earrings as I tend to lose them..
  • Earrings. For a person more responsible than a 10 year old 😀
  • Silk boxers.
Prices range from 55 to about 150 British pounds. Source: Derek Rose
  • An exciting experience on your honeymoon. How about a tandem bungy jump, scuba diving course, private boat ride or a helicopter ride?
  • Private flying lesson. I once got one of these as a present, highly recommend it! 
  • Front row seats to a game. Get tickets to both of yours or your spouse’s favorite team’s game. Sitting in the front row will be an experience you’ll never forget.
  • A few nights at a hotel. If you’re not going on your honeymoon right away a few nights at a hotel could be a great present for the both of you. Eerikki and I went to see ringed seals in Saimaa a few years ago and stayed at the lovely Järvisydän -hotel. If you’re on a budget you can pick really any local hotel with a spa. Sure, some are better than others but I think the same goes with spa hotels than with pizzas – even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good 😀 If you’re in the greater Helsinki region I highly recommend the Flamingo in Vantaa. They have a great spa for adults and tons of other activities like a water park, mini golf, bowling and an escape room. 
  • Designer bag/shoes. Last for a long time and can be used every day.
If it’s written on your purse, you won’t forget your new title.. Source: net-a-porter
  • Boudoir photography session for yourself, your spouse or for the two of you together.

I had to put a picture of this ring here just because I thought it would be super cool for some rock, metal, game of thrones type of a person as a wedding or engagement ring. It even says ”loved” 🙂 It’s a Gucci ring, priced at 340 euros.

Image: mrporter

I hope this helped. I’m sure whatever you get, it will be appreciated – it will be from you, after all.

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