How We've Taken Being Pregnant

It's been fun and interesting to observe how Eerikki and I have taken this pregnancy. Luckily, as I expected, what we have in common is that we're both very happy and excited about the baby.
We had talked about having kids for a long time after all and I, the planner that I am, had wanted to discuss before we were even pregnant how we'll share the parental leaves, what we'll name the kids, which kindergarten they'll attend and so on (no I'm not kidding :D) so at this point we don't really have anything that we still need to figure out, we can just take it easy.

There are big differences between us in other areas though. I am, perhaps because I'm a scientist or because it's happening in my body, very interested in how the baby is developing each week. I've also done a lot of metaphysical pondering (mainly with myself) about when and how our Bebe will become self aware, what will it be able to understand about it's existence throughout it's development and so on.

16th week

I found it fascinating when I read at some point early on in the pregnancy that the embryo's organs had gotten too big for it, so they rose up the umbilical cord and would stay there until the embryo was big enough for them to get back inside it. I also told Eerikki how exciting it was that our Bebe had learned to pee and that it was drinking this mixture of pee and amniotic fluid in it's efforts to learn to breathe. Eerikki found these little information packets less cool and more gross...

I've been comparing different properties of different devices that the baby could need and I've been reading pregnancy books and I follow several pregnancy apps whereas Eerikki has concentrated on me and my wellbeing. When I was unwell he made sure I got the food I wanted and he makes sure I get as much sleep as possible whether it's day or night as he knows how tired I've been, especially in the first trimester.
Eerikki might not care where the Bebe's liver is each week or what types of philosophical questions it can ponder or even if some device is better than the next one, if the mom and baby are feeling well, that's all that counts right now!

17th week

A funny example of our different approaches was in the first trimester when we were out for a walk and a family with small kids passed us. Eerikki asked me if I've started looking at kids differently now, he said he has started looking at them like, we're gonna have one of those soon! I said no... but I have started checking out the strollers the kids are in :D.

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