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Remember to ask for help

Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Eerikki has been really busy at work recently. It’s not a permanent situation but it’s been going on since November and we don’t know exactly when it will calm down there. Therefore I’ve found myself in a situation where most of the wedding planning and prepping is resting on my shoulders. It’s completely understandable in the current situation and Eerikki’s extra hours will definitely help a lot when saving for the wedding.

It isn’t, however, how I thought our wedding year would go. Eerikki had always said that if we were to get married someday he wants to take a big role on planning the wedding and I was really happy about that. I also imagined that I’d spend hours doing wedding crafts with the wedding party but so far I’ve done everything alone. The problem isn’t that my MoHs etc. don’t have time or interest but the problem is that I haven’t asked for help. I definitely want to emphasize that there’s no one to blame on the current situation, well except for me.

When it comes to support and help in decision making my MoHs and bridesmaids are always there for me, I just need to send a message to our chat group and at least one person will be there immediately helping me out. I really appreciate that and it means so much to me. Two of my bridesmaids live in the US so if my Finnish ones aren’t awake, they probably are, which is very handy! I’ve also ordered so much stuff from american online stores to the other one’s house that I think they’ll be needing an extra room soon just to store all our stuff. So I have definitely always received help when I’ve asked for it.

I can talk on the phone with my mom for ages going over all the latest stuff about the wedding and she gives me a lot of help and advice when I ask for it. Our bunny Peppi is naturally a great emotional support for me though not so much concrete help from her side, unless we need something nibbled from the edges. She also a decent listener. I’m only saying decent as while she may not disrupt me in the middle of a story, she does have a tendency to start enthusiastically licking her butt in the middle of our discussion which I find quite rude, to be honest. 😀

Peppi’s new friend is getting a wash

Over all though I have really enjoyed all this planning and prepping so much. I love having projects and I like doing stuff alone but I think the time has come to start asking for help from our awesome wedding party. With Eerikki’s work situation there isn’t much we can do but it’s a relief to know we are doing well with saving up. Naturally I feel really bad for him too for not being able to participate as much as he’d like to.

Does anyone else have a similar situation and how did you solve it?

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