Spoiling the Mother to Be at Långvik

Collaboration with Långvik

A few weeks ago Eerikki and I headed to Congress and Wellness Hotel Långvik in Kirkkonummi. We had decided to spend our summer vacation by taking short mini vacations at hotels in or near Helsinki and I've wanted to visit Långvik for a long time so it was great to finally do that!

Our room was amazing! Our suite had a beautiful view and we had our own hot tub in the bathroom and a sauna. Now that I think of it, I'm surprised we ever left the room...

Somehow we managed to do that though, as we soon headed off to play some frisbee golf which is one of the many activities available at the hotel. Next time we'll definitely attend a stretching class at the beautiful yoga studio and see a movie at the hotel's movie theater.

The frisbee golf ended up being even more entertaining that usual after Eerikki first threw one of his frisbees in the sea and then after the game he decided to redo the second last basket with two perfect throws. Well, the frisbee took off about 45 degrees to the wrong direction, it hit a street sign yards from the game area, fell down and rolled over to the other side of the road. I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants... Still at dinner I had to calm myself down so I wouldn't be laughing my butt off just remembering the throw, it was seriously like from some old black and white movie but when you see it happening in reality, it's actually really funny.

After frisbee golf we spent some time at the game room and found a new favorite, table curling! After the games we went to the spa to relax and then it was time for the tasting menu dinner.

There were two options for the tasting menu, regular and vegetarian but I was able to get the regular one with a fish main course upon request. The food was really good! We were so full and happy after the dinner we didn't have energy for anything else but to head straight to bed. That's when we realized our bed was a motor bed and it was so amazing to get my feet up with a light massage in bed. This place was perfect for spoiling the mother to be!

The next day we had breakfast on the terrace and after breakfast we relaxed at the spa and then at our own hot tub and sauna.

Before leaving we had the final game of our table curling tournament, which I lost, and so we were ready to head home from our lovely mini vacation.

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