I've listed wedding decorations here for rent or for sale. Some were used at our wedding, some have never been used. I'll add more stuff as I have time to go over the boxes left from our wedding. If you are interested, send an email to Shipping and delivery are possible, costs vary.

For rent

White seat covers 1.5 euros/each. Long white covers for chairs either with peach or pink peonies 1.5 euros/each.

Color options

For sale

  1. Ring cushion, real silk. 17 euros.

2. Two spoons, 3 euros/pack of two

3. Three glass candle holders. Unused, 10 euros.

5. Garter, unused with a Swarovski crystal. 8 euros.

6. Golden ballerinas, unused. 10 pairs in varying sizes. 100 euros/pack of 10. Brand: Cinderollies

7. Cylinder vases, 28cmx8cm. 18 pieces, 3euros/piece.

8. Mrs & Mr sign, wood. 5 euros.

9. Golden (2) and peach (7 small, 1 large) photo frames, 6 euros/pack.

10. 14 mint green candles, 12 euros/pack

12. Glasses for candles, 4euros/12pieces

13. Four golden rings, in two sizes. 15euros/pack.

14. Smoke bomb, white smoke, 5 euros.

15. 61 mint green envelopes, 15 euros.

16. Just Married – viiri, 20 euroa. Aprikoosin värinen kuviointi taustalla.

Picture: Vill Sander