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Originally published on Meidän Häät website.

Welcome to my blog about our wedding and the year leading to it. I’m so excited, I think in the back of my mind I’ve been planning this wedding forever! In fact, we already have full speed on on our wedding planning but before we get to that, let me tell you a few things about us.

I’m Sissi, 33 years old and from Helsinki, Finland. I work part-time and also work on my PhD. I’m an astrophysicist, i.e. I study space. My fiance is Eerikki, he works in finance and is three years younger than me. We live in Helsinki together with our little bunny ”Peppi”. We have all kinds of hobbies, some we do together and some separately. For example, I dance latin dances, Eerikki doesn’t (even though he thinks he’s excellent in all dances and classes are for those without talent :D). Together we play tennis and golf and at them he’s much better than I am.. for now.

I lived abroad for several years and have friends there that don't speak any Finnish. That's why I'm writing this blog in English too.

This is not our everyday look 😀

We found each other very romantically on Tinder :D. That was about 3 and a half years ago. We moved in together pretty soon after that and two years ago we bought our own apartment. We got engaged a few weeks ago (!) but we have already immersed ourselves in wedding planning. Because we want to get married next summer already, we kind of have to be quick and at least book the venue asap. We have visited several potential venues already and I think we know which place we’re choosing. Overall, the first few weeks have been really intense, it wasn’t until about a week ago I actually started sleeping properly again. Before that I felt so overwhelmed with everything that even at 5 am I was googling bridesmaids dresses and searched for perfect Pinterest pics.

Peppi is looking forward to secretly chewing wedding decorations..

I’ll let you know on the next post what we have already done these first few weeks. I’m so excited to be sharing our wedding year with you!

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