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Hey, it's the groom here!

I've been meaning to write a post about the groom's thoughts and attire for a while now so I felt now was the time to get started with that.

We started looking for my outfit for the wedding in the fall when we visited some suit rentals. Originally I had planned on wearing a light summery morning dress or a Bond-style dark blue tuxedo with accessories in wedding theme colors. I saw some suits that would've been ok but they were quite basic and didn't fit perfectly. That's why we started thinking if I should just get a suit made. That way I would get exactly what I want and the suit would fit perfectly. Also tuxedo is something I can use in the future as well. I begun liking that plan more and more and what do you know, in theMade in Haven" wedding event in February we met representatives from Turo and started making plans for my suit. They had great ideas at Turo for how to get some edge and add some personal touches to the suit with colors and embroidery in the lining. At this point I had decided on a dark blue tuxedo and after all these ideas I was really excited for my classy and nice looking suit, with some personal touches.

We had our first meeting about the suit a few weeks ago where we went through the fabric selection. I immediately spotted a nice italian dark blue fabric and chose that one. We also looked in to the color of the lining and found a classy looking gold that would give some color and match perfectly with the wedding theme colors.

After choosing the fabrics I tried on a few tuxedos and suits and even those looked so great that I can't wait to get my own custom made tuxedo with the perfect fabrics and colors! I also have to give a special shout out to the sales person at Turo that day (I'm very sorry to have forgotten the name) as he was super helpful and gave great ideas and told everything a guy from Oulu, not so in the know about suits, needs to know about suits and the whole process of getting one made. He helped me make it look unique, while keeping it classy and stylish.

That's all for suits for now. Next time, I'll be writing about other topics on the groom's view on our wedding. Stay tuned!

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