Groom's attire

Groom's attire

Collaboration with Turo

Before we get to the wedding ceremony, let's go over what we're going to be wearing. :) Eerikki already wrote about his tuxedo herewhen we were in a planning stage of things. Originally, neither of us really knew what the options are for groom's outfits for a wedding so we figured we'd see the selection at a suit rental. The selection wasn't that great and I started thinking how I would like him to wear something he really loves, rather than just something that's appropriate for the occasion. So we started thinking about getting him a suit made and we got the best in Finland, in my opinion at least, to make it, Turo.Eerikki decided he wanted a dark blue tuxedo and I absolutely loved this idea. I think tuxedos are super stylish and it's something he can wear after the wedding too, not that we're constantly invited to some tuxedo parties :D I also really liked the idea of a blue one, it's not as gloomy as a black one but perfect for a summer wedding while still very classy.

Trying on the tuxedo at the Turo boutique at Tripla.

The tuxedo took about seven weeks and then they sent it out to get his initials embroidered on the lining. He got to choose everything for the tuxedo from the fabric to the lining to the buttons and all the details. I loved seeing him put it on for the first time and just seeing how happy he looked, you could tell he felt handsome in it. That was the feeling I wanted him to have when he puts on his outfit for the wedding, that's the feeling I wish for everyone on their wedding day :)

A happy groom

I had bought Louis Vuitton cufflinks for Eerikki as a morning gift and the bestmen gave them to him on the night before the wedding. I figured he'd like to wear them at the wedding so he got his present before the wedding already. His other accessories were a black bowtie, black tuxedo belt and yellow socks with white polkadots. Bestmen had the same kind of socks, a little splash of color that matched our theme colors and boutonnieres added a little bit of fun to the outfits.

My morning gift to Eerikki, LV cufflinks
Wifey and hubby

Traditionally, one shouldn't wear a tuxedo at an event that begins before 6pm but tuxedos are getting more and more popular as wedding attire and we all thought, that being me, Eerikki and the sales representative at Turo, that it's completely fine to stretch the etiquette that much and wear it at your own wedding. In my opinion, when it's your wedding you can ditch all rules of etiquette and wear whatever you like!

A boat, a bottle of Bollinger and a handsome man in a tuxedo... is this Eerikki or James Bond? :D

It might come in handy to know that Turo sells shoes as well! There's a particular type of black patent leather shoes that you should wear with a tuxedo and there aren't that many shops in Helsinki that stock those. Turo luckily did and for a very decent price too. They also sell bowties and tuxedo belts as well as tuxedo shirts.

If your budget allows it, I highly recommend getting a suit made. Even though it's more costly, at least it's something you can wear again after the wedding and every time you do, it'll remind you of your wedding day :)


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