Sad news

Don't worry, the baby and Jordan are fine but our pet bunny Peppi had to be put down completely unexpectedly yesterday.

Jordan and I came home yesterday afternoon and Peppi was lying on the entryway threshold which she never does. I immediately new that something was wrong. I took her in my arms and moved her aside, which is how I knew something was seriously wrong, she doesn't let anyone pick her up under any circumstances. I called Eerikki and he left work and came home straight away. When he came I had just gotten Jordan some food and was sitting on the floor still petting Peppi. She didn't drink or eat anything when I tried to offer. When Eerikki came, I started calling vets and we finally decided on the animal hospital, they would have the best help if something could still be done. I knew the situation was bad, Peppi was only breathing shallowly and was completely phlegmatic. We went to the hospital the whole family, Eerikki, Jordan and I. It didn't take long at all until the doctor came and said that it's a small bowel obstruction and that she wouldn't suggest even trying surgery, Peppi wouldn't even survive the anesthesia. She said that these are common with rabbits and often occur in such a way that the rabbit doesn't show symptoms until they are in a really bad shape. There were no other options left but euthanasia. I got to hold Peppi in my arms during the whole process. Even writing about this is still really hard. We are completely heartbroken, I never thought that when this day came, it would be so hard. I hope I can write about happier topics soon💗


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