My birthday

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was such an awesome day that I wanted to tell you about it here, even though I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures for most of the day.

Eerikki and I always plan birthdays for each other and the program is always a surprise to the birthday girl/boy. We also make each other a cake or some other dessert for the breakfast in bed, the person celebrating can choose what kind of a cake or dessert they're getting.

Eerikki had asked me what kind of a cake I would like, but I suggested that this year we deviate a little from tradition and I would like to get donuts from Arnolds. On his birthday, I made a carrot cake for him with Jordan in the baby carrier and at the same time I tried to make other birthday preparations and it was quite... well, difficult! So, I thought that having learned from this, I would make Eerikki's life a bit easier.

The day started with me waking up from the balcony because I sometimes go there to sleep if Eerikki's looking after the baby at nighttime, because you don't hear the baby crying on the balcony. I changed to our bed and a little later I was brought a beautiful and yummy breakfast in bed with gifts. So the morning was as perfect as a parent of a small baby could wish for, peaceful and with full service :D.

After breakfast the first activity was a spa visit so I headed for a massage at Namina Spa, which was amazing. After the massage, Eerikki picked me up (he had arranged for my mother to take care of Jordan) and I already knew what the next activity would be, we would go play badminton.

Eerikki has a long history playing and teaching tennis, so I never won at badminton, but I didn't really expect that either and we had a lot of fun! After the game we had a quick sushi so that there would still be time for the next activity. Eerikki took me to West Coast minigolf, where we used to go a lot before we had a baby. It was wonderful to spend some time together, play badminton, eat together and play mini golf. Of course we have date nights, we are very lucky to easily get help with Jordan from my family, but usually date nights are the length of one restaurant visit, now we had time to do all kinds of things and it was somehow really special, we were just "us" for a while and we had a great time together.

Eerikki had told my mother that we would be home by six and at that point I thought that it was a wonderful day and maybe we could even play something together ,a board game or playstation, after Jordan was asleep. Just as my mother was about to leave, the buzzer rang. My mother thought we had ordered food and I was surprised as we hadn't ordered anything as far as I knew. Up the stairwell came my little sister! Eerikki said that I'm going out with my sister, so I need to put my clothes back on (I was in sweatpants, not naked :D) and off I go. The surprise was huge and such a happy one! I had already thought that the party was over but instead I would have a night off going out with my lovely sister. They both were really rushing me, which I thought was a bit weird. I had just come home and I thought I could spend a moment with Jordan before I go. I played with Jordan, poured us some champagne and took my time choosing what to wear until Eerikki said that he had ordered a taxi, time to go already.

I didn't know the destination, but when we got there I guessed that we were going to Torni hotel. The hotel has a beautiful bar with a view and the hotel has recently been renovated and I'd been telling Eerikki that I really want to see it after the renovation. When we got to the lobby, I saw my niece and just thought, what a coincidence, she's here today too! Well, of course Eerikki had invited her as well and she had probably been waiting there the whole time that I had been sipping champagne and choosing my outfit.

So I got to spend an awesome night with my sister and my niece and we had such a great evening! All three of us are pretty much the same age and we get along really well and always have super fun when we go out.

The following week I was classically tired, but happy :).

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