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    First day as a married couple

    We woke up to the first day as a married couple from our wedding suite at St George hotel. We were really tired, all the stress, hard work and not enough sleep before the wedding had taken its toll on us and we were exhausted. Luckily we didn't need to do much that day as Eerikki's bestmen went to pick up the wedding decorations from the venue so that we could rest and take in life as wifey and hubby. We got breakfast in bed and I had brought our wedding china there for the breakfast. Eerikki had received his morning gift before the wedding so that he could wear it on the...

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    The morning of our wedding

    Images: Vill Sander Good wedding morning to everyone! In the previous post I wrote about the day and night before the wedding. On the wedding morning my Maids of Honor and I woke up having stayed the night at the St George hotel. I had slept a bit over five hours so that was pretty good, I had worried that I wouldn't get any sleep at all, after all. I had wanted a room with a view to the Old Church Park...