Cosmetics from Medex and Thann Spa

Collaboration with Thann Spa

I visited Thann Spa a few weeks ago for a lovely facial and a Mother to Be treatment. While there, I received some Thann Spa and Medex cosmetics to take home with me so this post is all about these lovely products.

When it comes to skincare I’m all about taking care of my skin rather than using makeup to cover it. I have some favorite brands and products but I also love trying out new ones, after all that’s the only way to find new favorites!

Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve had to stop using several products as my skin seems to be more sensitive right now, even though many of these products I’ve used for years. I guess that’s one of the mysterious side effects that come with making new life! At least during the few weeks that I’ve been using these products from Thann Spa and Medex I haven’t gotten any skin irritation.

I love the mild fragrance of the Medex products and they seem to suit me well so I have taken them to daily use. Once a week I do a facial where I use the Deep Clean cleanser first and then I moisturize with the Eye & Neck Creamand the Collagen Mask. On other days I use the Lait Hydermios and and Lotion Hydermios to cleanse and then apply the Vital Renew moisturizer.

From the Thann Spa cosmetics I received the Aromatic Wood Shower Gel, the Aromatic wood Aromatherapy Salt Scrub and the Shiso Body Butterthat I have used to do a little spa treatment at home. Pregnancy has made me more sensitive to smells but I really like the fragrance of these products and it’s suitable for men too. And to all you preggos out there, the Shiso Body Butter is supposed to be particularly good during pregnancy.

I hope you found this post useful and maybe found some new cosmetics to try! If you haven’t read about my visit to Thann spa, you can find the post on the facial and Mother to Be –treatment here, and the post on the manipedi here.

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