TOP 9 Wedding Movies

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As these are uncertain times it can be hard to get excited about your wedding.. So I thought I'd list 10 good wedding movies to help you get excited about your wedding :)

Well, I watched a lot of wedding movies to get this list done and by the time I had nine movies down that I could recommend, I was pretty much done with wedding movies for now, so in the end, TOP 9 list is what you're getting :D

A few things I learnt while putting together this list: a) there are a lot of bad wedding movies out there b) any movie can be called a "wedding movie" if there's a 30 second clip of a wedding in the end.

So while composing this list, these were the two things I concentrated on. First of all, the more the movie is about a wedding, or weddings, the better. Second of all, there has to be some other content too. If it's a comedy, it does need to be funny at times etc.

9. Bride Wars (Comedy, rent]

Okay, as a movie it's definitely nothing special but it's all about weddings. The theme is also a bit different than in most wedding movies so that's also a plus. The movie is about two friends getting married at the same time who start to compete about their weddings. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are great.

BRIDE WARS, from left: Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, 2009. TM and ©copyright Fox 2000 Pictures. All rights reserved./Courtesy Everett Collection

8. Mamma Mia! (Comedy, Netlfix)

It's a story about a woman who tries to find out which one of three guys is her dad. It's not about weddings so much but very cute as a musical and has a lot of great actors. If you don't like Abba, though, then it's not for you.

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7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Romantic comedy, rent]

A funny movie though not so much about weddings, more about marriage as a concept and in different cultures.

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6. Jenny’s Wedding [Drama, Netflix]

I'm not big on drama but this was a pretty good one for a wedding drama/comedy. The only downside is that it doesn't show weddings or wedding planning very much. It's about Jenny who's getting married to her girlfriend but her old-fashioned parents and their friends are having a hard time with that. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending :)

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5. Runaway Bride [Romantic comedy, rent]

The lovely Julia Roberts and Richard Gere make the movie worth watching. Another big plus is that there's a lot of weddings on this movie. The story is not very realistic but if that doesn't bother you, it will definitely put you in a wedding mood.

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4. My Best Friend’s Wedding [Romantic comedy, rent]

Okay, I may just be a Julia Roberts fan but I had to get this on the list too. It's a classic, the only downside is that it doesn't show the wedding and the preparations so much. Cameron Diaz is also awesome in her role as the bride.

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3. The Big Wedding [Comedy, Viaplay]

This was a great find as it's not that well known. It's funny with a lot of great actors and the wedding in the end is actually very beautiful.

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2. Sinkkuelämää / Sex and the City [Romantic comedy, rent]

A great movie overall, better than the series at times. I hadn't thought of it as a wedding movie before but it's full of wedding planning, dresses (and wedding problems for sure) so actually a wedding movie indeed!

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1. Hääkuumetta/ 27 Dresses [Romantic comedy, rent]

It's become clear that Katherine Heigl is also a favorite of mine :). This movie has everything a wedding movie needs - it's funny, entertaining and full of weddings!

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I wish you a wonderful weekend, perhaps filled with wedding movie nights!


  • Noora

    Yksi aivan mahtava leffa on Ranskalaista häähumua! Oikeasti aivan superhauska ranskalainen komedia, jossa käsitellään eri kulttuureja, ennakkoluuloja ja perheiden yhdistymistä. Suosittelen lämpimästi!

    Sinulla on ihana blogi! Itse valmisten häitä ensi kesään teemalla italialaista häähumua… 😉

    • Sissi

      En ole nähnytkään, googlasin ja ainakin sen perusteella vaikuttaa hyvin lupaavalta 😄👍🏻 Kiitos! Ihana kuulla, että tykkäät! Italialainen teema kuulostaa upealta 😍

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