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I've been writing so much about life with a baby lately that I thought I'd tell you a bit about my work news for a change. Now, when the covid situation has eased and there are events being organized again, there is something interesting to tell again :).

I was invited to tell my story at Radio Suomi's "Kutsuvieras" program this summer and it became one of my favorite media projects I've ever been in. Some of you may know that I have been on the media in a few different TV shows and magazine and newspaper articles, but this program had a completely unique concept and I got really excited about the request. The idea is that the guest gets to talk about their desired topic in life for an hour and choose the songs that fit the topic. It was really cool to be able to tell about your own life in your own words. If you want to hear the program (in Finnish), you can find it here.

Later in August, I was one of the main speakers at The Shift event in Turku. I got to talk about a really interesting topic, the use of space to slow down global warming and solve the problems it causes. I think many people don't know how much space is used for this purpose as well, so it felt important to talk about it. Inspired by the talk, Savon Sanomat wrote a story about me , you can read it here, also Turun Sanomat broadcasted my speech live on their website, but I couldn't find a recording of it.

Last Wednesday, I participated in an event by Helsingin Sanomat and Tiedekulma, answering children's science questions. I was a bit nervous about it in advance, because children can ask super good questions and we astronomers don't know the answer to everything. To be honest, the more you learn about the subject, the less you feel you know 😄 Luckily the event was really nice and relaxed and I think the little scientist approved of the answers they got, you can watch it here.

Things are progressing slowly with my own work, i.e. the dissertation. I have told you that my husband was on parental leave for the summer, but it was difficult for me to get much work done. However, we have agreed with Eerikki and my mother that now that Eerikki has returned to work, my mom will arrange some work time for me every week and Eerikki for the weekend, and in the winter Eerikki will either stay home for a couple of months or part-time for longer, during which I can hopefully work more efficiently. Eerikki still has the actual paternity leave left to use, which is really nice.

I'm feeling really good despite the slow progress on the dissertation! I trust that I will be able to do it more in the fall, and it's great to be able to focus on the baby's everyday life again. Jordan is still a bad sleeper, which is the only downside, but a lot of people promise say that the baby will start to sleep better as the first year draws to a close.

I've been searching for all kinds of fun activities for us so that we don't get bored at home, and this week we also started a new hobby, baby circus classes. I'll write soon how it went!


  • Anna

    Olipas mielenkiintoinen tuo Radio Suomen kutsuvierasjuttu. Oot kyllä päässy kokemaan mielettömän hienoja juttuja elämässäs, ja kuka tietää mitä tulevaisuus tuo tullessaan. Ainakin mua tuo inspiroi kovasti ja muistutti siitä, että omien unelmien eteen kannattaa tehdä töitä 🙂

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