The wedding rings have arrived!

As I mentioned on my post about our wedding budgetwe ended up getting both parts of my wedding ring now. The original plan was to buy one now and the other one in a few years. The reason for this was money, of course, as the wedding itself costs quite a lot. However, there was a discount if we buy both of them now, so in the end that's what we did.
And now they have arrived and they really are beautiful! My engagement ring is Olli Johan Lindroos's Kide and the two wedding rings are from the Lumi collection. They are all in rose gold. It took me a while to decide if I want them in white or rose gold, as I wrote on my earlier beforein the end I chose rose gold. I like it that it's a bit more unique :)

Eerikki asked me some years ago that if the time would come, what kind of a ring would I like. I saw a picture of the Kide ring somewhere and sent that to him and said, that kind :D I didn't know that OJL rings are all designed as 3 part sets. I could've gotten a more simple wedding ring, of course, but once I saw these, I felt they were just perfect.

So let's get to the pictures!

Taking pictures of rings is really hard, by the way :D Especially when you're left handed and trying to take pictures of your left hand.. I tried to take some beautiful artistic pictures with me fiddling with flowers and other cute nonsense but the outcome was no good so this is what you got instead :D

Some thoughts that have risen since the rings arrived.

I was worried that the rings wouldn't stay put on my finger as my engagement ring has a tendency of moving around especially when it's cold or when wet. Luckily, these two rings actually help the middle ring stay in its place.

Another thing is that the wedding rings are actually a slightly different shade than the engagement ring, and I think I like that shade even more. It's not something you can spot when they are on my finger, but if you look carefully when they are side by side, you can just notice it. I don't know if it were possible to get the engagement ring modified to be the same shade, but then again the difference is so small it might be just me thinking about details no one else would even notice.. again :D

The third thing I've been thinking about is how are these 3 piece rings given at the ceremony? Is Eerikki supposed to give me all three rings? I can imagine Eerikki all awkward about being the center of attention trying to squeeze three rings on my swollen fingers one by one with his own sweaty hands with a 100 people watching. It could be amusing to the guests, but I think we'll aim a little higher with our wedding entertainment. :D
The other option is that I'm already wearing my engagement ring leaving Eerikki with "just" two rings. Or, he could give me just one of the rings at the ceremony and give the other one privately. As he's already done this three times with the engagment rings, he is pretty good at it by now :D.

If someone has suggestions on how to deal with three rings at the ceremony, I would love to hear them! :)

Have a great rest of the week!


  • Anonymous

    Miten annoitte sormukset? Minusta luonnollisinta olisi, että kolmas sormus on huomenlahja.

    Menestystä astronauttivalintaan!

    • Sissi

      Me tehtiin sitten niin, että laitoin ensimmäisen sormuksen ja kihlasormuksen sormeen hääpäivän aamuna ja Eerikki antoi sitten kolmannen seremoniassa vihkisormuksena, mutta tuo huomenlahjaideahan on tosi hyvä myös!
      Kiitos paljon! 🙂

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