A Day with Me

A week with me: Sunday

2.30-4.00 am Jordan wakes up. He was already coughing a lot during supper, so I knew the night wouldn't be easy. I had raised his mattress under his head and put some onions in the room, but he still woke up with a runny nose and a cough. I gave him some panadol incase he has a sore throat as I've had a sore throat myself and then I gave him some warm water with honey. Honey water is a hit. He ends up drinking two small baby bottles of it. Finally the cough eases and he falls asleep at four o'clock and I go back to bed.

4.00-8.00 am I can't get back to sleep and stay up until eight. 6.35 Jordan wakes up but goes back asleep as soon as I find a pacifier for him.

9.30 am I sleep for an hour and a half, then Jordan wakes up.

10.00-10.40 am Josua wakes up when we're having breakfast. We play and in less than an hour, Eerikki sends a message that he's awake too and on his way home. He had slept really well, which I'm happy about.

11:30 am Eerikki comes home and we start planning the day. We have several problems with our car so Eerikki goes out to buy a new battery. I'm really tired, this week's vigils are starting to weight on me and I'd rather go back to bed and lie there the whole day like a little amoeba. Eerikki says that he can take Jordan with him so that I can get some rest and I like the plan very much.

1 pm Eerikki and Jordan leave for their "adventure" as we call it for Jordan. Later Eerikki says that Jordan didn't fall asleep until 2pm, he was so excited about the trip, I guess he really felt like he had been taken on an adventure. I take a bath and then Josua and I start playing a board game. We also consider playing the "Donkey Game", which I bought when Josua was little (he mistook the camel on the cover for a donkey and it's still called the Donkey Game), but Josua seems to have outgrown it and says it's for little kids.

3-4 pm Eerikki comes home and we're thinking what to do for the rest of the day. Sissi amoeba suggests a movie and since everyone likes the idea we start a romantic comedy on Netflix. Josua has to leave pretty soon after the movie starts but we continue watching the movie and at four o'clock Jordan wakes up.

4-7.10 pm We eat and Eerikki plays with Jordan while I rest on the couch. Eerikki does a quick home exercise routine and uses Jordan as extra weight which Jordan loves, of course. Then they take a bath.

It would had been nice to end the week with some fun activity like going to Korkeasaari, but today I just don't have the energy. Eerikki pretty much tells me that today I'll stay over at my mom's place so I can get some sleep and that I can go there early. Sounds like he really wants to get rid of me, but I promise I wasn't such bad company, just very tired 😄.

I get his point though. Often when it's Eerikki's night I still wake up every time Jordan does so Eerikki just tries to make sure that I get some proper sleep. I happily accept the offer and leave for my mom's after 7 pm. I take an Uber, even though it's only a good 20 minute walk away.

7.30 pm I arrive at my mom's and we talk for a long time because she has just returned from Madrid and I want to hear about the trip. I tell her that her trip got me thinking that maybe I'll go to Madrid alone too someday. I haven't been on a trip alone for a long time, and yet I lived abroad on my own for most of my twenties. It would be really nice to go on an adventure on my own for a couple of days, any longer than that and I'd miss my family too much 💗. My mom had brought us a few things from the trip that actually describe us perfectly.

First, tons of socks for me, Eerikki and Jordan. We always joke about my mom always buying socks, so I appreciate the dedication to her passion once again. Then again, socks really come in handy, so this time (or once again?) they really were a good buy. Jordan's are getting small and Eerikki and I always have too few socks. Jordan also gets two adorable Mandalorian pajamas and then there's the Sissi classic – toilet paper. I have told you before that whenever I go abroad I always buy pretty toilet paper and paper towels. I think a lot of people I've traveled with have wondered if it's some joke or something when I start stuffing my suitcase with pretty toilet paper rolls. Hey, we all have our passions! 😅. The toilet paper my mom brought had apparently been chosen mainly with Jordan in mind, but I think I'll put it in use once our place is all cleaned up again. Jordan also gets a little bunny bag, missing from the picture, because he loves to play with my purse and fill and carry bags.

8.30-10 pm I have my laptop with me and I finish writing Saturday's post which takes an hour. I watch a half an episode of a TV show on my laptop and go to sleep.

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