week at the Valo Hotel

Collaboration with Valo Hotel

Lately I've struggled with finding time to work on my PhD. I'm sure many people working from home find themselves taking care of stuff at home instead of concentrating solely on their work. So I figured I'd get back on track by working outside the house for a while and so I moved to Valo hotel for a week so that I wouldn't have any distractions.

My lovely week at Valo begun on Sunday night and on Monday morning I was ready for an efficient week of work! There are several different kinds of working areas at Valo but as I feel I concentrate the best with some background noise, I chose the common area near the drink station, which was convenient as I love to drink tons of tea while working.

The view from the common working area

The hotel is beautiful and the staff is very friendly. After breakfast I started my work and around 3pm I headed to the gym and after that relaxed at the gorgeous Wellness spa. Then I worked a few hours at the bar. If I could work like this every day, I think my PhD would be done in no time!

The Wellness area has a fireplace hangout area and a bar. Next to it is a pool where I swam everyday, I have definitely missed that! After a swim it was time for sauna and then the cold pool out on the terrace. From there I went to the jacuzzi to relax and admire the beautiful view.

39F water, no biggie :D

It was amazing to spend a week just concentrating on my work. Of course the gym and spa weren't too bad either :D I couldn't imagine a more perfect work week and I reached my goal of getting a lot done on my PhD. Now just about ten more years and it'll be all done... :D

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