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It was so much fun writing the everyday events last week that I wanted to continue doing it in a slightly more compact form for as long as I have the time.
The week started at my mother's house. I was staying the night there, because we'd had a bad couple of weeks when it comes to sleeping because Jordan had an upset stomach, a runny nose and a cough. I slept pretty well, almost 10 hour. I woke up a few times during the night and morning, but it will take time to get out of that habit.
I was walking from my mother's house towards our place and there was this amazing fog outside. I think I've told you that I love almost all weather except white/gray sky, well hail I prefer to watch from the inside. The fog was so amazing that I stopped to take pictures on the way home and they turned out awesomely eerie.

I was going to go for breakfast until I noticed that the place was closed on Mondays and so I asked Eerikki if they'd go to lunch with me. We went to South Parkfor lunch and the food was especially good today. Everything from the salad table to the main course and the desserts left over from the Sunday brunch were excellent.

After lunch I headed home to do some work, but I have to admit that I didn't get anything done. I was still feeling tired even though I'd slept pretty well. Eerikki had to go take care of a car problem before leaving for his business trip and Jordan slept on the balcony while Eerikki was out taking care of the car stuff. Jordan woke up maybe an hour before Eerikki came and we ate and played during that time. It was a quick departure for Eerikki and in the end, he didn't have enough time to do the things he had planned before leaving, but he had made a big batch of food for Jordan in the morning, so I was happy about that. After Eerikki left, Jordan and I spent the rest of the day running errands in the city center. It took a long time to get him to fall sleep, but finally around half past nine, almost one and a half hours of work was rewarded.

On Tuesday, I had to set the alarm because we had a breakfast event in Espoo at 9 o'clock. We arrived in the middle of the opening words and we had some yummy breakfast and there was even a little play corner for kids.

After the event, we had promised to meet my friend and her baby at the Family Center in Kamppi. Jordan seemed tired, but I decided we'd go there first and I'd feed him there and then he'd be good and ready for his nap. Jordan fell asleep on the way home from the Family Center and I spent his nap time resting, i.e. watching Netflix. In the evening, my mother came to watch Jordan so that I can go to the pub quiz and she said that the evening had gone really well and Jordan had fallen asleep happy.
We had a really nice night and we got a new team record on the qui. It was really nice to have some time off again. Jordan slept through the night for the first time in a couple of weeks! I woke up before six, I guess my body was so surprised not to be woken up that it woke itself up in the end.

On Wednesday, we didn't have any plans, so we headed to Albert's Living Room. Jordan loves to climb on the big windowsills and that's where we spent most of our time there. He's really into climbing and I've been thinking that when we get our home cleaned up and organized, we need to give his room a makeover and put some climbing toys there.

There was some baby-safe play dough at the living room and so Jordan got to play with that for the first time though I don't think this first experience made that big of an impression yet 😄.

In the afternoon we went for a short walk with my friend and her baby and then we ran some errands at the city center. We bought, among other things Slipstop slippers, which were a great purchase. We went to sauna in the evening and since Eerikki is on a business trip, it was just the two of us and for once it was super easy. With the slippers I didn't have to worry that Jordan would slip and fall but I could shower in peace and he had fun as he was finally able to play in the shower and didn't have to stay on my arms.

Jordan didn't sleep very well once again and I decided on Thursday morning that we would come up with something fun to do starting straight away. So we decided to head out for breakfast at Lazy Fox (review coming soon).

After breakfast we went to Albert's living room and from there we went to the baby circus class. Jordan fell asleep quite unexpectedly just 10 minutes before the class started and I wasn't sure what to do. He loves the circus and I didn't want him to miss the class, but he was fast asleep when the class started. I took him to the class asleep in my arms and woke him up when he had slept for half an hour and his favorite part started, i.e. trampoline and balls.

In the evening there was an event at the Balmuir store and we went there with my mom. They had a yummy salad bar and Jordan ate about 30 grapes there, soI guess he's found a new favorite. The evening was really nice and after that we went for a walk in the city center and didn't get home until close to bedtime.

Jordan slept really badly and I was starting to get desperate. I had one last baby yoga class to teach in the morning and I knew I was going to be absolutely exhausted. Mom came over in the morning as she would take care of Jordan while I was at yoga, and she pretty much told me that Jordan stay over at her place for the night. I was worried that it would be too much for Jordan -first daddy's away and then mom wouldn't be around either, but my mom said that I really need to rest and assured me that Jordan is not a little baby anymore and he'll be fine. And so I agreed and I was so relieved that she had made that decision for me, I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. I was also thinking that Jordan needs a mom who isn't completely exhausted.

The yoga class went well even though I was so tired. After class Jordan and I headed to the family cafe at a nearby church. We went home to eat and then he took a three-hour nap, poor little thing must've been exhausted from the bad night as well. Soon after Jordan woke up from his nap my mom came over and stayed for maybe an hour until she left with Jordan. I went straight to bed and watched TV shows until ten o'clock when I went to sleep. I slept until a little past seven and only woke up once or twice during the night, so it was a pretty good night.

On Saturday I just rested in bed until my mom brought Jordan back in the early afternoon. When Jordan woke up at 3:30, I quickly fed him and dressed him in his party clothes, because we were going to our friend's child's birthday party. We had to cancel our baby swim class, but a party always wins a swim class. We went to pick up a present and in the store I realized that I no longer had my house keys. I realized I must have left the keys in the door when I ran back in to get my lip balm. We didn't have time to go get them, so I just had to trust that they would still be at the door when we got back. My mom had our spare key and I was pretty confident that no one would rob us so I decided to not worry about it until after the party.

The party was great and when we returned home we found the keys still hanging from the door, as expected.

I've been watching so much true crime recently that I wanted to be extra careful and so I called my mom when we got home. I kept the phone line open while I searched every room and closet, and when I was sure that there was no one in the apartment we ended the call. I gave Jordan some dinner and soon he was ready for sleep. I was going to stay up until midnight when Eerikki would arrive, but I fell asleep after ten, not very surprisingly.

Jordan slept through the night (Eerikki had promised to take the night when he arrives), so we all got some sleep. Eerikki spent all of Sunday playing with Jordan and I rested (again). The week went well, I had expected to be more energetic, but maybe three weeks of bad sleep was a bit too much. But I'm happy Jordan had two full nights this week so maybe we're getting back to normal soon 💗.

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